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The district attorney of new York has asked Donald trump to adopt a law banning encryption iPhone

The district attorney of new York Chris Wayans made an appeal to the administration of new US President Donald trump with a request to pass a law banning encryption iPhone. He criticized Apple’s decision to restrict access to law enforcement agencies for user data. Two years ago, the security system in iOS 8 has closed access to mobile devices for U.S. intelligence. Now the police is 423 password-protected iPhone, which store important clues. In the opinion of a legal representative charges, the encryption on the iPhone is a “threat to public security”.

“Apple and Google should be required to provide the police access to user data necessary to investigate crimes. Federal and state authorities should consider the adoption of a law that would prohibit manufacturers of smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices restricted to only law enforcement agencies access to personal data of users, as it is a threat to public safety,” – said the Prosecutor of new York Chris Wayans.

Thus, Wayans supported FBI Director James Comey, who lobbies for a law banning the encryption of mobile devices. The latter is concerned about Apple’s actions aimed at strengthening the privacy of the users of mobile devices.

“I’m a big supporter of the rule of law, but I also believe in the fact that no one in this country is above the law. My concern is that companies sell what allows people to become above the law,” said Comey. He noted that he understands the need for privacy, but, in his opinion, the government should have access to mobile devices in emergency situations.

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Previously, Apple has officially stated that it will no longer be able to convey to law enforcement authorities and the intelligence services of sensitive user data. In a message posted on the website, the company says that all devices running the new operating system, is automatically protected from the transfer of the authorities of the information stored on them.

Meanwhile, the district attorney of new York Manhattan indicated that forensic laboratories are stored 423 of the iPhone to which the authorities are unable to access, as the stored information is encrypted. Among them, 166 iPhone 6 66 iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, 63, 51 iPhone 5s. For Apple encryption is standard practice: if you type it incorrectly too many times, all information is deleted.

After the election Donald trump have law enforcement officers have a chance to get a law banning encryption iPhone. In February of this year, trump said that people should boycott Apple as long as the company does not agree to help the FBI investigators in hacking the iPhone that belonged to one of the terrorists from San Bernardino.

“Boycott Apple until then while she will not give right information,” said trump. Later, the Republican party candidate for US President repeated the argument at a meeting with voters. According to him, the idea of a boycott of “Apple” technique “only came into his head.”

Earlier in the broadcast of Fox News channel, the politician has expressed opinion that the management of Apple has gone too far, denying the FBI. “Who do they think they are? No, we have to hack this phone,” said trump. He stated that this reluctance stems from “the ridiculous hysteria… in relation to the protection of private life”.

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