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The release of Pokemon Go Gen 2 is expected on 7 December

Without a doubt, Pokemon Go has become one of the most successful mobile projects in recent years. Two months after the release in July 2016, the game was downloaded more than 500 MLG users. Shares of Niantic and Nintendo soared in price, and the creators were immensely proud of themselves – they managed to show the audience that augmented reality can provide a fun and interesting experience for smartphone users.

As it became known, Niantic prepares the second generation of Pokemon Go, as evidenced by internal newsletter Starbucks. An anonymous employee of the coffee chain posted a letter informing you about upcoming events, including the launch of “Pokemon Go second generation”, 7 November.

Rumors of a major update Pokemon Go run since the release of the game. Fans are speculating about what will bring this release. First of all, gamers are interested in new pokemon and new features – battle trainers and trade.

“I work at Starbucks and this is one of the last messages we received from management, – the user writes Pokemon Go. – It’s hard to say specifically applies it to the second generation of pokémon (although, what else could it mean?). Apparently Starbucks has partnered with Niantic, and even if the second generation will appear in the game not on 7 December, it is expected in the near future. For me personally it would be big news. Also, according to the letter, Niantic will have to put on puketapu in each point of Starbucks. You may seem strange that the word “Pokeman” – but this letter came from the real address of the corporate mail-Starbucks – and I can prove it. Being a big fan of the Pokemon Go, I couldn’t not share this letter with everyone.”

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A few hours after the letter was published, it was removed from the site. May, at the request of Starbucks or Niantic.

The main new feature in Pokemon Go Gen 2 is expected to the second generation of pokemon. Function battle between the coaches will allow players at any time in full-time duel out. Coaches will be able to compete with friends, colleagues, casual acquaintances, which will greatly expand the functionality of the game.

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