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Apple tensed: top 5 major competitors new MacBook Pro

Recently several manufacturers introduced premium models of laptops on Windows. Innovations in the field of portable computers showed HP, Dell, Microsoft and other companies. According to the plan of the...



Apple refused the legendary sound of welcome to new MacBook Pro

In the new generation MacBook Pro, Apple has abandoned not only by signature of the magnetic MagSafe connector and a glowing Apple on the lid. As it became known, the...



Microsoft one of the first to support Touch Bar in the new MacBook Pro

At a recent presentation, Apple showed a few third party apps that work with the bar Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. Many developers have expressed a desire to...



Apple: Touch Bar in MacBook Pro is better for touch screens in Windows laptops

This week, Microsoft introduced its Microsoft Surface computer Studio, which immediately received the status of the main competitor of the iMac. Of course, to compare these models is difficult because...



iPhone 8 could be the first Apple smartphone with USB connector-C

In recent years, Apple has steadily reduced the number of interface connectors in the Mac. 13-inch MacBook Pro, released in 2012, there were eight, and models of a sample of...



Apple has provided the ability to self-upgrade the SSD from the MacBook Pro 13-inch without Touch panel Bar

16 October, Apple presented the new generation MacBook Pro. Employees of the company OWC, which successfully carried a bit of a novelty, found that for the first time the device...



“You deserve better”: Microsoft offers to exchange the MacBook for a discount when purchasing the notebook Surface Book

Sometimes different companies in the race for a place in the market, resort to a rather interesting stock. Often manufacturers do not aim to implement the action for the sake...



Apple has restricted the bandwidth of two of the four USB ports-Thunderbolt 3 C 13-inch MacBook Pro

Only two of the four USB ports-C Thunderbolt 3 the new 13-inch MacBook Pro transfer data at full speed. This is evidenced by a document published on the Apple support...



Panel Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro will work in Windows, but in a restricted mode

Among MacBook owners can often find users who are using Boot Camp to put Windows on the laptops. After the recent presentation of Apple, they have become interested in whether...



Adapters and cables that you will need for the new MacBook Pro

This week, Apple presented the new generation of laptops MacBook Pro. One feature of the novelties was the presence of interface connectors USB-C Thunderbolt 3, each of which can be...



Apple has officially abandoned plans to develop and release their own monitors

If you were waiting for the appearance brand of the monitor from Apple, then perhaps you should pay attention to devices of other brands. As found by the Nilai Patel...



13-inch MacBook Pro 2016: unboxing and first look [video]

The main novelty in the Apple presentation Thursday became the new MacBook Pro. It’s been a long time since the last time the company significantly updated its flagship laptops. The...



The first reviews of the new MacBook Pro: an engineering marvel with an incredible display

This week Apple announced a new MacBook Pro and was given the opportunity to pre-order the new items: first samples with the bar Touch Bar can be obtained in 2-3...



Published first benchmark results new MacBook Pro

After the announcement of the new generation of MacBook Pro in the network appeared the first test results of these computers in the benchmark Geekbench. This test conducted by Primate...



the iPhone 7 Plus: how to upgrade to a smartphone with a 5.5-inch screen and survive

The progenitors of the modern smartphones, most of them had the displays with a diagonal of 3.5 inches, and that was enough for everything: gaming, surfing, and even working with...

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