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December 8, Apple will terminate the technical support for a 6-year-old Mac, the Apple Cinema Display and the first iPod touch

The adjective “vintage” in the Russian language has a positive connotation, even more is the epithet with a shade of glamour. But not in this case. December 8, vintage Apple...



TarDisk Pear: the easiest way to double the available memory on MacBook

If there is insufficient memory on the MacBook before the user has a difficult choice: to release the data by removing the information you need to use an external drive...



Users complain of serious problems with the display of the first laptop Microsoft

“Killer” MacBook Pro from Microsoft sold only a few days, but support forum the company already had complaints about malfunctions in the device. Like many new products, Surface Book failed...



Apple sold a record number of Mac in the entire history of the company

On the day Apple reported for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2015. As stated in the report, the results once again proved to be record-breaking revenue growth was 22%, which...



Microsoft has launched a website to help MacBook owners in the transition to Surface Book

Microsoft began preparing to migrate users from Mac computers at its first notebook Surface Book. The company wants to make the process easier: move user data with Apple computer on...



The statement of Microsoft about a two-fold superiority in performance over Surface Book MacBook Pro isn’t true

For the price and weight of a new laptop called Surface Book, very similar to MacBook Pro – the most expensive laptop from Apple. The laptop is intended primarily for...



Journalists: Surface Book could be the best competitor to the MacBook Pro

Journalists of foreign publications have published reviews of the Book Surface – flagship hybrid Microsoft. Observers of The Verge sure if it was the laptop, he’d be the best Windows...



“Killer” MacBook Pro from Microsoft with maximum configuration will cost about 200 000 rubles

Microsoft has opened pre-orders for the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book with the greatest possible technical characteristics. It turns out that the newest device of the company will be...



Apple acknowledged the problem with peeling anti-glare coating, Displej MacBook Pro

Apple has distributed technical support staff a special notice addressing the detachment of the anti-glare MacBook and MacBook Pro, reports MacRumors. The thread on the forum devoted to notebook defect,...



Microsoft began to take MacBook in payment for computers on Windows 10

Microsoft has repeatedly mocked the MacBook on their presentations and promotional videos, promoting devices on Windows 10. Now the company decided to go with the other hand – the company...



Apple has increased the prices of Mac in Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Norway, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand and Turkey

Apple has revised the prices on Macs in eight countries. It is believed that the increase is due to the intention of the company to offset the costs associated with...



Microsoft sold its first notebook Surface Book in 5 days

Microsoft has sold off its inventory of the first model of notebook Surface Book for five days, reports MarketWatch. The device was officially presented on 6 October and was immediately...



Why Microsoft is losing to Apple

After Microsoft main competitor, Apple showed the world its new flagship smartphone, the tablet and the “most powerful laptop in the world”. But the bombs, which would help the company...



Microsoft has reduced the cost of smart bracelet Band with 10 sensors $100

After the presentation of the updated fitness bracelet Microsoft Band, the company halved the cost of the first generation model. The device allows you to control overall user activity, including...



Sales of Mac computers fell for the first time in two years

In October there will be the wave of quarterly reports from July to September inclusive. Leading analyst firm always precede the officially published data of the publication of the provisional...

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