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Consumer Reports agreed to repeat the tests of autonomy of the new MacBook Pro Apple after a disturbance

MacBook Pro sample of 2016 were the first devices of this series that a non-profit organization for the protection of the rights of consumers Consumer Reports did not recommend for purchase. The main reason is that under the same conditions, the battery life of laptops can range from 4-5 to 16-18 hours, with allowable fluctuations experts believe 5%.

After publication of the results the senior Vice President of Apple worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said that the company disagrees with the conclusions of Consumer Reports. He said that the company along with the Consumer Reports tries to deal with the situation.

The experts agreed to re-test after it became clear the cause of the problem. It is reported that the results of the experiment are affected by the error in the Safari browser. During initial testing, Consumer Reports has disabled browser caching, so every page loaded in the browser again. Apple didn’t know about this glitch.

“We appreciate providing us the opportunity to work with Consumer Reports on holidays to explore the results of testing the autonomy of the MacBook Pro, – said in a statement Apple. We found that in the experiment, Consumer Reports used a hidden setting in Safari for developers, which also has disabled browser caching… We fixed the glitch, discovered in the course of this test.”

At the request of the company specialists Consumer Reports re-tested the new MacBook Pro with default settings and “got expected battery life,” said Apple.

Consumer Reports has promised to publish the final results after all the tests.

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