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Recode: Apple close to losing users. CES 2017 is showed

Apple has never participated in CES 2017, but sooner is always indirectly been an important player. However, this year the situation has changed.

As Rb says, citing journalists Recode, Apple usually manages to become an important part of the event, not even present in the exhibition halls of the Las Vegas. And although CES has never presented the world a new iPhone, iPad or Mac, it’s always appear bright new products that could work together with these devices.

However, this year, all sought to show the compatibility with other products, according to the resource. If the exhibition and to highlight the most relevant platform, it was Alexa from Amazon – many of the exhibitors had either built this voice assistant in their device, or have created for him a new function.

Several new products were presented to the platform of “smart” home Apple HomeKit.

Although Apple has not usually exhibit in the North hall of the exhibition center dedicated section for companies that produce accessories for Apple products. This large section was traditionally filled with different covers and chargers, but this year, as noted, there is little that really stood out novelty and originality. The most innovative area was an attempt to invent a replacement for all those connectors, which Apple decided to abandon in the new MacBook Pro.

“The good news for Apple is the fact that none of the major competitors of the company also did not show anything revolutionary,” adds the publication.

The market of tablet computers seem to have a long time without much innovation, and most of the new smartphones presented at CES were niche products from small companies. (Real competition among developers of smartphones will unfold at the exhibition Mobile World Congress in February).

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From all Apple products at CES was shown most competition for Mac. Apple is in no hurry to develop its line of computers, especially the desktop, while competitors are on Windows get a lot more innovative technologies.

Dell took one of their most popular laptops, the XPS 13, and turned it into a hybrid tablet and laptop. The company also has introduced a large touchscreen display, which is able to perform some of the functions of the computer Microsoft Surface Studio in conjunction with other features of Windows 10.

Qualcomm revealed the Snapdragon 835, which will be used in many of the newest smartphones, as well as in a new line of energy-efficient personal computers on the Windows entering the market this year.

Now the case for Apple, especially in the case of series Mac, given the recent Tim cook promises to show a new interest in computers.

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