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The experts found the explanation of the mysterious coins inside MacBook

The technique of Apple is often criticized for the high cost. Some Internet users believe that this a rational explanation. MacBook owners rarely dig in the guts of their devices, leaving this honor to the staff of the repair service. However, those few that still dare to look in their guts, sometimes find there are things much more interesting pile of wires and screws.

So, MacBook owners around the world report found in laptops coins. “iCoins” as they are called users, are hermetically sealed under plastic optical SuperDrive, and always found in the same place.

The Network put forward very different versions of why things are happening. Some believe that it is the fault of the Chinese workers, collects Apple equipment. Although in this case it is unclear why users find us and canadian coins. Others believe that coins were used in the Assembly of optical drives for MacBook as a support component, for example to make the mechanism proper weight distribution. Others build intricate conspiracy theories.

Technical expert on the site Gizmodo has given this fact is a simple explanation:

“When the drive grabs the disk, it moves it down. If the coin will be inside the slot-in optical disc at a time, when inside the DVD, it can slip through a round hole, which remains closed in situations when the disc is ejected”.

This explains why users find the coins in their MacBook Pro. A former employee of the technical service Genius Bar of Apple stores, which repaired the laptops, said that he found inside drives a variety of subjects:

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“In 90% of cases it is the work of children who put things into the optical drive of laptop. We found coins, paper clips, SD memory card. If the item is small enough he could crawl into the slot, you definitely will find it there”.

In other words, if you suddenly find in your MacBook mysterious coin don’t be surprised. Perhaps you should explain the purpose of the DVD drive as your children.

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