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How to hide folder apps on iPhone without jailbreak

Typically, in order to create hidden folder or hide apps on iPhone home screen and iPad, it is necessary to resort to the procedure of jailbreak. Unfortunately, at the moment...



Jailbreak Extra_Recipe+YaluX beta 4 with support for iOS 10.0.x became available for download

Last week the developer Luca Todesco began testing the jailbreak extra_recipe+yaluX designed for smartphones iPhone 7 iOS 10.1.1. Today was the release of the fourth beta version of iOS 10.0.x....



Jailbreak Extra_Recipe+YaluX beta 3 with support for Cydia Substrate

This week the release of the first beta version of the jailbreak extra_recipe+yaluX designed for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 10.1.1. Now Luca Todesco posted the...



The release of iOS 10.1.1 Extra_Recipe+YaluX for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Developer under the name Xerub has released an updated version of the utility mach_portal called extra_recipe. The update is supposed to fix stability issues faced by owners of iPhone 7...



iOS 11: what users expect from the new Apple platform

Approaching WWDC 2017, at which Apple is expected to introduce a massive upgrade of the software platform for the iPhone and iPad. Reviewers CultofMac conducted a study in which he...



Vulnerability in iOS 10.3.1 will release an updated jailbreak for iPhone Mach_Portal 7

Not long ago, a researcher in the field of mobile security Adam Donenfeld talked about iOS 10.3.1 vulnerabilities and promised to release of publicly available tools to jailbreak. Later, the...



Vulnerability in the iOS kernel 10.3.1 will help to downgrade iOS 10.2

Italian developer Luke Todesco, author of jailbreak yalu, commented on the vulnerability is found in iOS 10.3.1, which is planned to create a jailbreak. According to him, users are more...



How to replace Siri with Google Assistant on iPhone

During the Google I/O conference it was announced that signature voice assistant Google Assistant has become available on iOS devices. At the moment it is already possible to download in...



Users have found a way to hide the dock on iOS 10.3.2 without jailbreak [video]

Many iPhone and iPad users, what would they think Apple are interested in the possibility of customization of the interface. For this reason users resort to jailbreaking due to which...



iOS 10.3.3: 5 things you need to know about the new OS

This week, Apple begins testing iOS 10.3.3 among developers. This cumulative update is, of course, not as interesting as the upcoming major update to iOS 11, but still worthy of...



Hacker unlocked NFC in the iPhone to implement all the features of the technology [video]

The phrase “NFC” found in the specs of almost every modern smartphone and tablet. iPhone the latest generation equipped with the wireless interface, but its capabilities are very limited compared...



Announced jailbreak for iOS 10.3.1

Researcher in the field of information security Adam Donenfeld planning to release a publicly-available tools to jailbreak iOS 10.3.1. About this he wrote on his page on the social network...



Released iOS update 10.3.2: all changes and improvements

On Monday, Apple released iOS update 10.3.2. IPhone, iPad and iPod touch can download and install the final version of the OS, which will bring additional opportunities and enhanced security....



10 things to do before the release of iOS 11 beta

If Apple doesn’t change its rules, in early June at the worldwide developers conference 2017 will be held the presentation of the new operating system iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad...



How to install a torrent client iTransmission on iOS 10 without jailbreak

Torrent trackers and BitTorrent distribution probably always will be popular, despite the desire of copyright holders to limit the use of the Protocol. How to download torrents on iPhone and...

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