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Top 10 best themes for iOS 10 – 10.2

The interface of the mobile iOS platform in ten years has come a long way, turning from the simple ugly duckling in a quite suitable to fly the bird. Although...



5 of the most annoying features of the iPhone

People who spend long hours with their mobile devices. IPhone users appreciate the device for its reliability, convenience and huge number of interesting applications. But sometimes the “Apple” gadgets irritates...



Left working AppSync Unified for iOS 10 / 10.2

In Cydia debuted an updated version AppSync Unified for devices with the iOS operating system 10. The Creator of the new version is not angelXwind, however, he confirmed the efficiency...



12 new and updated tweaks for iOS 10, which is set

With the release of the jailbreak Yalu, many developers quickly updated their jailbreak tweaks and began to produce new solutions that are available to owners of iPhone and iPad with...



How to replace a lock Home button gesture “Slide to unlock” iOS 10

IOS 10, as is known, had to say goodbye to one of the most frequently used functions of an operating system. Instead of the classic gesture “Slide to unlock” to...



5 reasons to jailbreak iOS 10 on the iPhone and iPad

With the release of software solutions Yalu everyone without special knowledge and skills in the field of programming can access the file system of iOS and install on the app...



Saurik talked about the development of a tool for automatic signature iOS 10.2 and other applications

Very soon the use of jailbroken devices will become a little easier, thanks to the decision to automatically sign applications, which will save users from having to re-sign yalu102 and...



How to enable fast charging mode on iPhone and iPad with iOS 10

Modern mobile devices have a tendency not only to discharge quickly, but thanks to a special technology very quickly to fill the battery. In particular, the models used by the...



AppSync for iOS 10 / 10.2 will be released soon

After the unexpected release of the jailbreak for iOS 10.2 the developers have started optimizing their apps to work correctly in the environment of the new operating system. Recently we...



The release of Eclipse 4 for iOS 10 – full night mode for iPhone and iPad

In 2014, the Eclipse application paved the way to a new type of software modding for Apple’s mobile platform. The Creator of the add-in, Guillermo Moran offered an alternative to...



Ryan Petrich has updated Activator, Flipswitch, BioLockdown to support iOS 10

A month and a half since the release of the jailbreak Yalu102 the developers have updated many tweaks that can now be used on devices with iOS 10. Today Ryan...



Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.x Home Depot for a 32-bit iPhone and iPad

Developer under the name jk9357 announced a jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad operating system iOS 9. Exploit called Home Depot and supports 32-bit devices. According to the developer, the...



Released the final version 1.1.28 Cydia with support for iOS 10.2 and 64-bit devices

Developed by Jay Freeman better known as Saurik, announced the release of the final version of Cydia. Updated store informal applications received native support for iOS 10.2 with the ability...



How to activate multiwindow Split View and Slide Over on unsupported devices

CydiaGeek the developer has released an interesting plug-in for iOS that implements on iPhone and iPad a full-fledged multitasking Split View. Solution available to the owners of any iOS 10...



How to solve the problem of cyclic restart of the iPhone and iPad on iOS 10.2 with jailbreak

This week released version of the jailbreak for iOS 10.2 with support for most iPhone and iPad models. Some users after hacking their devices, have faced a number of problems....

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