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Test speed iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S8, LG G6, Google Pixel and OnePlus 3T: Android would be a shame [video]

Many people sincerely wonder why “overpay” for the iPhone. “My Xiaomi works the same and costs three times cheaper,” they say. If you ignore the brands and specifications of gadgets...



The flagship of the Xiaomi Mi6 in the test GeekBench ahead of the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8

In the network appeared the first test results have not yet officially presented smartphone Xiaomi Mi6. In the benchmark Geekbench the new “Chinese Apple” lost the iPhone 7 Plus when...



iPhone 7 Plus lost Samsung Galaxy S8+ in tests for endurance in real conditions [video]

Videobloger XEETECHCARE conducted a comparative test of Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7, the purpose of which was to estimate battery life of devices. The trial was attended by “older”...



Jubilee iPhone 8 OLED display will double the battery

The new flagship iPhone 8, which debuts this year, along with the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus will boast double the battery. This was reported by analyst Cowen and Company...



In the Network leaked schematic drawings of edge-to-edge iPhone 8

In the Chinese microblogging network Weibo appeared the drawings, in which allegedly captured smartphone iPhone 8. If you believe the leak, Apple rejected the Home button on the front panel...



All three iPhone 2017 will receive 3 GB RAM and fast charging technology

All three models of iPhone this year will get 3 GB of RAM, according to Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri. According to him, the smartphones will support technology of...



Will iPhone 8 it a worthy answer to the frameless Samsung Galaxy S8?

Apple and Samsung have been waging a relentless enmity. And if earlier the rivalry between manufacturers of mobile devices often proceeded in the courtroom, in recent years they have gone...



The new flagship Xiaomi Mi6 merges iPhone 7 in AnTuTu

The new flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835 is already in use in the new Android flagship, the Galaxy S8. Made of 10-nm technology, this chip has received support fast charging...



iPhone 7 Plus lost speed charging Samsung Galaxy S8+ [video]

Every mobile device manufacturer strives to offer customers a special “trick” that distinguishes its products in the technological aspect. Among developers of Android devices it’s hardware capabilities, including the ability...



Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Plus: a test of the cameras [video]

Samsung Galaxy S8 expected a lot: “limitless” screen, OCTA-core 10-nanometer processor, iris scanner, improved camera. How well removes Galaxy S8 compared to its main competitor the iPhone 7 Plus? The...



Right: this concept will make you even more waiting for iPhone

After the presentation of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 main rival, the Apple will be difficult to surpass Koreans the bar in terms of design. It all started with...



Scanner Touch ID in the iPhone 7 can be repaired only by an authorized service center

In the beginning of 2016, some iPhone owners complained that after installing the update their gadgets stopped working. On the screen appeared “error 53”. As it turned out, the problem...



Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus: comparison of performance in games

Since the announcement Galaxy S8+ many people are interested in how the device behaves in games in comparison with the iPhone 7. The Creator of the YouTube channel XEETECHCARE launched...



Named 10 things that Galaxy S8 is able to do, and no iPhone

Last month was marked by one important market event, Samsung presented two of its flagship device Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+. Experts long before the announcement of the technical characteristics...



The “life test”: the iPhone 7 Plus is two times faster than the Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 finally officially presented. Choosing between the two competitors, the Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7, users are wondering which of these gadgets faster. The author of the YouTube...

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