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IPhone users are waiting for the jubilee flagship Apple more than the iPhone 7 last year

Future flagship Apple smartphone will overtake the popularity of the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Such a conclusion can be drawn based on the results of the survey...



The new concept demonstrates how it may look like the iPhone 8 with a frameless design and mode Dark Mode

Recently, the network appeared a lot of rumors about the upcoming flagship iPhone 8. And most of them we are talking about a device with a frameless design and OLED...



3 ways to improve the standard player Apple in iOS 11

iBooks on iOS is not only a “reader” for books, but also a great player for listening to audiobooks. The app works with Apple CarPlay, 3D Touch on your home...



It’s the perfect time to buy iPhone 7

iPhone 7 debuted in Russian market in September 2016. But only now, six months later, he found in Russia a real popularity. The scheme, when it is preparing to release...



“Little boy’s” case for the iPhone 7 is equipped with a cigarette lighter and beer opener

Amazon started selling shockproof and waterproof case ZVE Lighter for iPhone 7. In addition to the protective properties of its feature is the built-in battery, cigarette lighter and a bottle...



In Russia opened pre-orders for the flagship Umidigi Z Pro with dual camera and “live” photo

The company UMIDIGI opened pre-orders in Russia for Umidigi Z Pro – the first smartphone based on MediaTek Helio X27 equipped with dual camera. One of the features of the...



Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ compare in size with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

The upcoming flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 will get a large display, which is the marketing name Infinity Display. A distinctive feature of the screen will fill more of the...



Ztylus Revolver Lens will turn your iPhone into a professional camera

The company Ztylus has announced an original accessory for iPhones that protect them from mechanical damage and extend photographic opportunities. According to the manufacturer, the kit Revolver Kit displays the...



The new flagship LG G6 with battery on a 3300 mAh lost of autonomy of the iPhone 7

At MWC some Android manufacturers presented their new flagship model. Among them is LG, which has introduced a new 5.7-inch smartphone LG G6. The unit was very controversial device due...



To become friends with iOS 10: video literacy from Soft Club

If until now you thought that no one who enters into a stupor iOS interface or who still don’t know how to use the built-in photo editor and save to...



Louis Vuitton has released a case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Another new product from Apple at the end of last year, already got a solid collection of accessories – and accessories, which are created not only Apple, but also other...



Like iPhone 7 “broke” all the competitors

Last month Apple published the results of a financial quarter ended 31 December 2016. The income of the company for the period amounted to $78.4 billion — $2.5 billion more...



The head of Huawei called 4 GB of RAM sufficient for Android smartphones and encouraged to be on the iPhone

The main competitive advantage in the segment of Android smartphones are considered as specifications. More pixels, cores, more gigahertz. Last year saw the debut of the smartphone Xplay 5 Elite...



What do you expect from the new iPhone 8?

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the most productive smartphones on the market. Debuted last year gadgets got a new Apple Fusion A10 processor, 3 GB RAM and improved...



iPhone 7 Plus lost speed charging Android smartphones

Every smartphone manufacturer wants to “outdo” competitors in any technological aspect. Some focus on mobile camera, others performance, others for extra accessories. Sometimes it seems that the background of this...

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