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The digest of achievements memnik technology #1

In this edition of the digest once a week to collect the most interesting of the latest news and accompany them with a funny pictures.

1. The number of defectors from Android to iOS has increased due to iPhone X

In short: the demand for the new Apple smartphone in China is so great that people began to move from Android phones to iPhone X. by the Way, almost half of iPhone buyers in China X switched to a new model with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

2. Apple Watch displays ECG sensor

In October Apple launched a large-scale study of changes in heart rate among the owners of Apple Watch. Thus, the company can now identify the arrhythmia and apnea, but that’s not enough. According to an unnamed source from Apple Corporation develop even more advanced sensor to measure pulse.

3. The government of South Korea continues to haunt Apple

22 Dec 2017 South Korean trade Commission has started another investigation against Apple. The Corporation is accused of violating a patent for chip technology public research Institute KAIST, reports Patently Apple. For a moment, KAIST and Samsung have been working together for 23 years.

4. iMac Pro with 14 and 18 cores will arrive to the owners sooner than expected

Apple seriously has accelerated the delivery of all versions of the iMac Pro. Models with 14 and 18 cores will arrive to owners in early January 2018, and not in February as expected. But some users who ordered an 8 – and 10-core all-in-ones, got them in before Christmas. Happy owners of new items immediately posted a lot of photos.

5. IPhone users X smartphone for Face ID and coolest camera

According to Strategy Analytics, TrueDepth camera iPhone X was the main reason for buying a new smartphone, most users surveyed. The study also found that iPhone X respond positively to the transition to a new type of recognition of the user’s Face ID. It is noted that Animoji is also one of the key features that predispose people to buy this Apple smartphone.

And best of all, this news post will demonstrate the famous gadget journalist Pavel Kushelev.

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