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12 totals 2017 for Apple. From chic to controversial iPhone X iOS 11

Paul Gorodnitsky – the pros and cons of the year for the most progressive IT company on the planet.

In 2017 Apple is doing what he does best: making money, let cool devices, improved services and easily fought off the competition.

Below are 12 categories for the Corporation from Cupertino.

Gadget of the year

Of course, the iPhone X

Apple finally changed the design of the flagship, and he did it really brilliantly: even the picky Artemy Lebedev noted that conflicting neckline only emphasized the uniqueness of X iPhone compared to other edge-to-edge smartphones.

You may not have noticed, but in November-December at major international IT sites not a day went by without news about the iPhone X. So “ten” is a real cultural and technological phenomenon of 2017.

None of the Android competitors even close did not stand.

The most underrated gadget of the year

Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Apple so rarely adds to product line with a new color, even repainted “seven” can be considered something of a breakthrough.

Another thing is that many buyers thought the iPhone 7 Red too bright and indiscreet. In vain: get them while they’re not over – it is not known when Apple next time to arrange such a carnival.

By the way, rumor has it that in the first half of 2018, the company from Cupertino will add to the range of gold iPhone X. Well, starting with iPhone 8, “gold” ceased to be synonymous with “the collective”.

The most trending gadget of the year

Oddly enough, Apple AirPods

If in 2016 because of the scarcity and high price tag these wireless headphones were a rarity, now they can be found anywhere – from the gym to the tram.

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And most importantly, almost all the owners of AirPods really happy, these “ears” and call them indispensable. It is logical that the end of the year AirPods again became scarce – they are clearly bought as gifts to relatives and friends.

By the way, in 2018, Apple is expected to unveil the second generation of AirPods – wireless case and improved battery life.

The most boring gadget of the year

Unfortunately, the Apple Watch Series 3

In Cupertino have not figured out how to turn a gadget for losing weight and display notifications in a big way.

Now these smart watches – special accessory for those who are actively involved in fitness, and for those who can not cope with a stream of alerts.

The rest of the Apple Watch is not necessary: neither the first nor the second, nor the third.

The most awaited gadget of the year

Smart column Apple HomePod

Judging by the presentation, Apple made the best smart box on the market: and loud and beautiful and high-quality in terms of sound, but still not completely stupid. Amazon and Google are in flight, anyway.

It is a pity that the HomePod is not on sale in 2017, although it was supposed to hit shelves in December. Now waiting for the start of 2018, but concrete yet.

The strangest innovation of the year

Wireless charging

Five years ago Apple said that the company is not concerned about this false technology, which involves the use of wires, and then suddenly change and presented three of the flagship with support for the Qi-standard.

Why? For whom? Why only now? There is no answer.

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Plus only one: you can get wireless charging for 500 rubles, and at your own risk to feed to her iPhone. Questionable economy, but there are no other benefits.

The orgasmic innovation of the year

iPad Pro and 120 Hz screen

It is difficult to explain in words the beauty of it: you just need to go to use and feel the incredible speed and smoothness.

Get ready: the following screen should become a trend for smartphones in 2018. If this does not happen, will just have to stop being sad.

The most demanded gadget of the year

Without question – iPhone SE

When a phone is sold for 18-20 thousand rubles, the Android manufacturers are starting to freak out, to hold stocks and to leave in a Frank dumping.

The SE is the best, except for the screen size. It’s pretty, neat, fast and very user friendly phone with good camera and decent battery. In short, a great substitute for quite podrachivala 5s.

The most controversial episode of the year


Geeks revealed that Apple lowers the CPU frequency from iPhones with dying batteries. Media made a sensation, and then knocked out the company’s apology.

Moreover, in Cupertino have prepared bonuses for affected users – a huge discount ($50) to replace batteries and the utility to monitor the battery status (it will appear in a future iOS updates).

What can I say? Apple has become a victim of its own popularity. The company did everything right, protecting people from sudden shutdowns phones, but hunters sonorous titles have achieved management apologized for the controversial approach.

But funnier all in this situation look like Samsung, LG, HTC and other jackals who immediately barked that don’t slow down their devices.

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Of course, not slow: their smartphones simply do not survive to the stage when the battery is critically worn and need to save the device from unexpected departures in a coma.

Shame Android competitors.

The worst trend of the year

IOS 11, Apple has disabled the ability quickly turn off Wi-Fi from the control center you can now just disconnect from the access point. Super-weird approach, it is unclear to whom: it seems that Apple intentionally degrades the autonomy of their smartphones.

Another bad loss – the disappearance of the percent of the battery in the iPhone X. now we need them to go just in control – sometimes it’s annoying and tiring.

The strongest opponent of the year

Samsung Galaxy S8

The whole six months, Koreans have had a real berloznik, and Apple sold smartphones with a design of 2014.

Obviously, any current iPhone easier to use than the eighth Galaxy, but on a promotional poster Asian flagship looked more tempting than the iPhone 7. It would be foolish to deny that S8 is the best gadget in the history of the entire Galaxy, which, most likely, really forced Apple to strain.

The most pleasant rumor of the year

Everything is simple – it is possible to study the long insides, but for buyers the best news is the price drop on the iPhone X.

Winter discount can be considered a fait accompli: waiting for “top ten” for 65 thousand roubles in January. Finally iPhones have begun to fall at almost the speed of Android devices – a great gift for the New year.

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