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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is like the iPhone 7 Plus. What to buy and why?

Paul Gorodnitsky compared the two the best phablet on the market.

Last autumn, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 broke on the Russian counters with a frankly unhealthy price tag of 70 thousand rubles at the start.

For five months the device has fallen in price by 20 thousand rubles – now the “gray” sellers it can be purchased for a quite reasonable 50 thousand.

But the funniest thing is that those same 50 thousand in the “gray” spots asking for the iPhone 7 Plus 128 Gb – Apple smartphone, which debuted in October 2016.

With the iPhone I went a year and tableta Samsung used a few times for a few minutes. However, even this experience is enough to understand the difference between “seven” and Galaxy Note.

Why Galaxy Note 8 is the coolest?

In 2014, Samsung smartphones were ugly, in 2016 – more or less, but only last year, the Koreans finally learned how to make them sexy.

Even in the life of the Galaxy Note 8 looks like a race car, freaking out otvetstvennogo poster. Brilliant, frameless, huge – it really seduces with exactly the moment you take it in hand. And the advertising pictures it looks too maximum cool – then Samsung can only applaud.

With the characteristics of all too wonderful. Ultra-bright giant screen, top processor, dual camera with optical zoom and reactive focus – on any of these options, the Galaxy Note 8 is not inferior to the seventh, not only iPhone, but also the tenth.

Personally I thought it was important for one detail: if Apple gets rid of the connectors and slots, the Koreans are the opposite policy. In Note 8 there is a 3.5 mm Jack, and place under a memory card or dual SIM card. This is a gorgeous argument for those who are while using the smartphone important freedom of choice.

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Wanted – stuck favorite headphones without an adapter. Wanted – inserted the old memory card files rocking music. Everything is simple and fast.

Accidental touches due to the frameless screen, I noticed at least – all within normal limits. Battery nevedusia (experienced owners say that the device is connected to the outlet already at 18 o’clock in the evening), but there is a quick charge. 70 minutes from the adapter – and you’re done: 100% on the indicator.

The stylus is a moot point. I’ve never had devices Galaxy Note, so during testing I always grab the S Pen and trying to perform magic.

I like it – sometimes with a pen to poke more convenient than a finger. I am particularly pleased that the stylus is hidden in the body, rather than hanging separately, as the iPad Pro. But the owners admit that I forget about the S Pen and cease his touch.

I’ll be honest: for me Galaxy Note 8 impressed very powerful, and stuffed the ultimate Android flagship on the market. Somewhere near purely on the specs of Huawei Mate lives 10 Pro, but its design is frankly secondary: Chinese for some reason took it and redrew the case with the Galaxy Note 8.

You would have been nice to go with this clone? I don’t.

And Galaxy Note 8 frankly unmatched. If I liked Android, I would take this Royal gadget even at the start. Not ashamed of it to pay (to get it as soon as possible), and only for 50 thousand it is generally impeccable.

What is the iPhone 7 Plus steeper Galaxy Note 8?

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Even if you ignore all the platitudes (user-friendly iOS interface, fast updates, legendary Apple ecosystem) would remain as many as four reasons not to buy a sparkling Note 8, and its ancient competitor.

So, the iPhone 7 Plus:

1. Case more practical than the Galaxy Note 8.

Here we are talking about the version of “seven” in matte black case – it can drop and it will be nothing (especially if you avoid dropping it on asphalt). The Samsung in this respect, things are worse: first, glass 6.3-inch phablet does not seem invulnerable thing, and secondly, there is clearly more expensive parts, and third, it’s definitely longer to repair than the iPhone, which will fix every second basement.

2. The sound is better than Note 8.

This parameter applies to both speakers and headphones complete. Galaxy and here and there produces a flat sound mediocre volume (headset AKG does not save), and “seven” can be used as speakers, and as a player (and even with standard AirPods). The sound in the iPhone is almost a reference – with this stupid argument.

3. The battery holds longer than the Note 8.

Here no chance at all. I was loading iPhone 7 Plus either once a day or late in the evening. Galaxy Note 8 is quite the same in hard mode of operation does not always live from 8:00 to 19:00. Of course, there are also problems with optimization of the OS, and the battery capacity – in General, it is obvious that 3300 mAh battery for such a screen is not enough. But, most likely, the Samsung such a primitive way protected itself from the explosions.

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4. Tolerable ergonomics.

Simple: the iPhone 7 Plus, albeit with great difficulty, but you can use it with one hand and with the Galaxy Note 8 is not exactly followed. By the way, for the same reason the iPhone 7 is much nicer than the Galaxy S8: the flagship of the American not as beautiful as Korean, but much more comfortable than its elongated competitor. He also does not hold in one palm.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – for those who value design, wow-effect, a huge screen and the connectivity of anything from headphones to a memory card.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus – for those who need a reliable and durable phone with large display and great sound.

Personally, I would choose the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – it looks much fresher and more modern. But to write off the iPhone 7 Plus from accounts still early – this is probably the most balanced and trouble-free flagship in Apple’s history.

Lifehack: where else can you buy Galaxy S8+ 40 thousand. There slightly smaller screen, no stylus and dual cameras, but all of a sudden for some, these disadvantages are not critical.

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