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11 hidden features in iOS 11

On Monday Apple released the first public beta of iOS 11. Despite the fact that many people have installed preview for developers, the benefit is it does not need a...



Apple stopped signing iOS 10.3.1 to roll back any longer

After iOS 10.3.2 last month Apple stopped signing iOS 10.3.1. This means you now have to return to this version of the operating system is not possible – the company...



How long does it take to install iOS beta 11?

iOS 11, the first major update of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad, but it does not take much time if you know what to do. Yesterday Apple...



The Handoff was really helpful in iOS 11

Handoff is a great technology. When the iPhone, iPad and Mac are within range of a wireless network device, they can automatically “pass” the user from one device to another....



11 iOS: how to download and install the public beta on iPhone and iPad

On Monday Apple released the first public beta of iOS 11. This means that now everyone can test the new operating system on their devices. The installation process is very...



A clone of the iPhone 8 in a metal housing and the Touch ID scanner on the back panel became a hit in China

Despite the fact that the iPhone 8 will be presented only in September, resourceful businessmen in China have managed to manufacture clones of the anniversary of the flagship. For was...



Slow iOS 11? 8 ways to speed up iPhone and iPad

This week Apple released the second beta of iOS 11 for the iPhone and iPad. Users testing the operating system continues to report errors, slow performance, issues with autonomy and...



What you need to know about iOS 11 iPhone 5

If you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c, then you should think about buying a new model because the support of these devices ends this year. Still a few...



Jailbreak for iOS 11 is already done!

A group of hackers calling itself KeenLab, announced a jailbreak for iOS 11, compatible with all devices running the new operating system. The final release of iOS 11 will be...



Apple has released the iOS beta 4 and 10.3.3 10.2.2 tvOS beta 4

Apple released an iOS update 10.3.3 beta 4, works on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as tvOS 10.2.2 beta 4 for Apple TV the fourth generation. Update to...



New icon Siri in iOS 11 confirms the absence of the Home button of the iPhone 8

Numerous leaks from the walls of Cupertino suggests that the iPhone 8 will be deprived of the private key “Home” under the screen. With the beginning of testing iOS 11...



iOS 11 beta 2 vs iOS 10.3.2: compare the speed of [video]

On Wednesday Apple released iTunes 11 beta 2 to registered developers. Enthusiasts from iAppleBytes decided to test the performance of the iPhone running the new test build iOS and 10.3.2,...



When Apple will release a new beta of iOS 11

If you have already managed to install and test iOS 11 beta, most likely you are wondering when will the next preview. Usually specific dates does not mention Apple, but...



Top 5 problems iOS 11, need to be corrected before release

In iOS 11 quite a lot of significant innovations and modifications. Some of them can really applaud, others cause confusion and even irritation. Before the official release of the operating...



Airline “Aurora” will purchase 80 iPads Pro for pilots and flight attendants

Flight attendants and pilots of the Russian airline “Aurora” will begin to use the iPad Pro. With their help, the crew members will be able to quickly access data on...

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