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8 signs that iOS has become worse in recent years

With each new release of iOS becomes more versatile platform. In this case, the operating system loses the very simplicity and ease of use that appreciate the “Apple” technique. A...



Media: the release of iOS 10.3 beta with the dark mode of the interface is scheduled for January 10

Apple plans to release iOS 10.3 beta 1 with the new regime “Cinema” on January 10. Wrote about this in his Twitter account well-known insider Sonny Dickson. The blogger is...



Apple has blocked Prometheus utility that allows you to roll back to an earlier iOS version

Apple updated the servers to issue digital signatures iOS, bringing iPhone and iPad users can no longer use utility Prometheus, created by a hacker Tihmstar. Release applications that allow you...



Apple hasn’t solved the problem with the iPhone batteries

As you know, some iPhones have an inherent problem with spontaneous shutdown. Apple admitted that some models of this behavior are defective batteries and has launched a program to replace...



Jay Freeman released Cydia for iOS 10

Developer Jay “Saurik” Freeman has released a beta version of Cydia for iOS 10. Store of unofficial applications that use the most iPhone and iPad users has received a number...



Secrets of professional shooting camera double the iPhone 7 Plus

Since Apple in 2014 launched the first iPhone with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches, Apple’s smartphone has consistently received slightly more advanced camera than the compact 4.7-inch: iPhone 6...



Video jailbreak iOS 10.2 the iPhone 5s turned out to be fake

A video in Instagram showing iPhone jailbreak is fake. This opinion is shared by readers MacDigger. Earlier this week, the Instagram user with the nickname islam_akhrarov revealed the iPhone 5s...



The release of Prometheus utility that allows you to roll back to older versions of iOS using Blobs SHSH2

A hacker under the nickname Tihmstar, as promised, has released a solution to downgrade the iOS version no longer signed by Apple. A free utility called Prometheus. The program allows...



The easiest way to free up space on your iPhone and iPad

As the well-known character – “Honey – it is a very strange thing. Only it is, as it is not right”. And with the memory of the iOS device, the...



What you need to do to Apple has removed your app from the App Store

Since the autumn of this year Apple started to remove the outdated and unpopular apps from the App Store. If the app runs with errors and does not justify the...



ITunes 10.2 for iPhone 5s showed on video

The developers have managed to hack iOS 10.2, shows the roller user Instagram under the name islam_akhrarov. The video shows the iPhone 5s with the new OS, running an application...



4 most popular myths about charging iPhone and how to get the most out of your smartphone’s battery

On the Internet you can find a lot of tips and instructions on how to extend the battery life of smartphones. As a rule, users are recommended to disable the...



IOS 10 Yalu beta 4 became available for download. What’s new?

Luke Todesco has released a new version of iOS 10 / 10.1.1, designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Update Yalu + Mach_Portal beta 4 is available for download at...



How to solve the problem with a quick discharge of the battery after installing iOS 10.2

Some iPhone and iPad users, according to reports in the Network, faced with the accelerated discharge of the battery after installing iOS 10.2. Users also complain of spontaneous off smartphones...



iOS 10.2 worsened the problem with spontaneous shutdown iPhone

In November of this year, Apple launched a free iPhone 6s, which typically have a problem with spontaneous shutdown. As found in Cupertino is a problem that affects a limited...

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