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Specially Apple slows old iPhone — poll

Today, 21 December, Apple admitted that artificially lowers the peak CPU frequency for stable operation of the battery iPhone. We decided to ask readers MacDigger what they think about it.

11 Dec on Reddit appeared first reports of a deliberate slowdown iPhone from Apple. Users assumed that the operation speed deteriorates due to wear of the battery. December 20, after a detailed comparison of the iPhone 6s, the iOS 10.2, 10.2.1 and 11.2., the developers of Geekbench confirmed this information. Suddenly, on December 21, Apple responded to the accusations of users and recognized, which reduces the speed of their smartphones, so they don’t shut down during high load.

In a statement the company said that in 2016, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE has been activated, which prevents disabling them in the cold. For this, Apple engineers had to reduce the performance of the smartphones. In 2017, the same option appeared in the iOS 7 for iPhone. Apple also announced that in the future this feature will be added in other devices.

Our goal is to provide our customers the ideal conditions to use the iPhone. This concept includes both productivity, and stability, as well as the durability of Apple devices. Lithium-ion batteries eventually lose their capacity and start to work worse. Especially if they operate in the cold. Because of this, smartphones can suddenly be switched off to protect the electronic components built into them. Last year we added in iOS for iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE a new feature that slightly reduces their performance to unexpected outages occurred. Recently the same feature has appeared in iOS for the iPhone 7, and in the future we will be adding it to other devices.

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The Internet immediately showered with numerous accusations towards Apple. The opinion was also expressed by the journalists and tehnologiy.

In this case, Apple does not encourage this way of buying a new smartphone. According to the company, she had to slow down the device because otherwise they may shut down. Some users understand this and offer an alternative — for example, free replacement of the battery. This idea was supported by the CNBC journalist Todd Haselton.

If Apple slows down the smartphones bad battery, it should be free to replace her. Of course, this is an expensive procedure, but the user must be guaranteed a certain level of performance throughout the life of the product until Apple stops supporting it.

Todd Haselton

For many years users accused the company of slowing down older devices. But until recently, all the claims were unfounded. Apple retroactively declared about the presence of iOS features to reduced performance. Of course, this has a negative impact on the image of the company. Can a company really trying to extend the life of old devices with this feature. But it will be difficult to dispel the original idea, that way Apple gets people every year to buy a new iPhone — even if it is not.

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