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Against Apple filed the fourth lawsuit due to the slowdown in iPhone

Two residents of new York, Eliza Rabinovich and Victor MATEO, filed another class action lawsuit against Apple. The reason is the same – slow down the old iPhone models.

In a statement, the plaintiffs said that they are trying to protect the rights of all owners of the iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone 7, whose gadgets have been deliberately slowed down after installing iOS 10 and iOS 11 as well as all interim updates.

According to Eliza and Victor, Apple lied to customers, two consecutive years indicating that iOS 10 and iOS 11 is fully compatible with the old iPhone. The company forgot to mention that new versions of operating systems can adversely affect the performance of the devices. Moreover, Apple focused on the fact that the latest firmware only accelerates branded smartphones, which actually turned out to be wrong. Over time, the Corporation limits the maximum frequency of the processors the iPhone using software.

According to the plaintiffs, leaving buyers in the dark, the company has violated a number of laws of the state of new York. Now because of the lies, Apple users have to put up with the under-performance or to buy a new smartphone.

The scandal of the batteries in the iPhone and artificial slowing down older devices broke, after the company admitted that really lowers the speed of some gadgets. However, she does it to protect them from unexpected shutdowns and crashes under a high load.

However people this explanation is not liked, so after the recognition began to emerge of actions. First filed the day after recognition. The second and third hours after the first. In all cases, users complain of cheating by corporations, and want to be compensated. How will Apple respond and what action will be last, while we can only guess.

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