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Apple added to Safari in iOS 11 beta 2 experimental feature

On Wednesday, Apple released the second beta of iOS 11 for developers. The update contains numerous bug fixes, performance improvements and several new features, including experimental options for the Safari browser.

Safari in the new build contains a large number of parameters, which you will not find in the previous versions of the OS. They are hidden in special service settings.

Additional features in Safari previously been allowed to restrict certain website access data that is allowed to turn on and off JavaScript, the function of “Web inspector”. In iOS 11 there is a new functionality. We are talking about a pilot or a limited number of users possible.

Currently, it is unknown whether Apple will leave these functions in the operating system or will they be only in the beta versions. Anyway, in the paragraph Experimental Features available 9 special options, including Constant Properties, Link Preload, WebGPU, Viewport Fit and Preload Link. The meaning of some of them to understand is not so easy, despite comments.

To get access to experimental features in iOS Safari 11, you need to go to Settings -> Safari -> add-Ons – > Experimental Features.

The developers believe that Apple finally got serious about optimizing web surfing. It is not excluded that all these features will only be available in the beta versions. But in any case, the company seeks to make the browser and operating system as stable as possible.

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