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iPhone SE “obsolete technology” is not impressed the head of LG

This week Apple announced the 4-inch iPhone SE, which apparently is an exact copy of iPhone 5s, but with the hardware of the iPhone 6s. It looks like the company has decided to pay attention to those who do not seek to buy the latest flagships and are looking for more affordable solutions. “Apple” new product combines the best characteristics of the two models, but in Seoul, it seems, disagree.

In his speech at the event dedicated to the modular flagship LG G5 and a series of accessories Friends, CEO Cho Young made his position regarding Apple product. The Director General stated that “releasing products with outdated technology and features – not the LG”.

While Apple expands line of smart phones, presenting the device with previously used equipment, the Korean manufacturer is committed to innovative solutions. One of the latest innovations is the modular aspect of the G5 — has generated enormous interest in the technology world, but only sales will show that the company’s efforts were not in vain.

However, the head of LG has not mentioned the value of his brainchild. If iPhone SE will sell for only $399, LG G5 you have to pay twice as much. In the budget segment of the South Korean brand is not averse to using old technology, just such handsets not being announced at such major events.

Putting advanced features into a device with a starting price of $399, Apple has made a good attempt to create a attractive model in the middle price segment.

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