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Pro can iPad replace computer?

While many argue about whether the iPad Pro wide response from users, the Apple CEO Tim cook is confident that the innovative tablet with a diagonal of 12.9 inches will replace laptops and PCs. It has multitasking, there is a package of Office products, Adobe, and lots of different applications. In addition, together with the Apple iPad Pro turns Pencil and graphic tablet ready and working space for designers and artists. GQ analyzed analysts who would be the best device and that it needs to.

Apple made a bet on the re-consideration of familiar things. Similar to how Microsoft wanted to package PC tablet, Apple wants to move the tablet in the plane PC. No matter what the company representatives, but to replace a notebook device, which was originally a tablet, will be no easy task.

In General, the emergence of the tablet computer from Apple with screens of almost 13 inches cannot be called news. First, the mobile device of similar dimensions have been previously released and other companies. Secondly, a large number of previous rumors and their regularity has deprived an interested audience doubt. But even after the official presentation, when iPad Pro was presented to the world, to realize its real value only by taking the tablet in your hand. The people who first did this, usually Express their emotions with short quotations from songs of group “Leningrad”. Other words difficult to find.

Yes, it is very big. This has positive implications, and circumstances that have to put up with. Watch videos, read books, work with office applications, or edit images on the display with a diagonal of 12.9 inches and a resolution of 2732 x 2048 nice. Moreover, the developers worked hard over the screen. Rotovirusnaya, the oxide thin film transistor, a variable update frequency, the timing controller, these terms can be listed, to impress a young lady. Briefly and clearly about the picture quality of the iPad Pro can report in one word – excellent.

First tablet from Apple received just four audiodynamics. This not only improved entertainment characteristics of the device, but also gave the opportunity to more accurately assess the sound when working with music or video editing software. It is worth mentioning the presence of cameras in the iPad Pro. To take pictures on the main 8-megapixel camera have not often because of the size of the gadget, but it is, and no different from past generations of tablets. Front camera is 1.2 megapixels are also not different from that on the previous iPad, it is quite suitable for video communication.

On the iPad Pro debut split screen. Native apps Apple is ready meekly to divide the available space in half, while the ability of third-party every time we have to check.

Technically, the novelty is strong. The latest A9X processor with a frequency of 2.26 GHz, 4 GB RAM and the above characteristics cupertinos allows the team to talk about the device as about the tool for professionals of specific fields: designers, artists, architects, musicians, photographers.

Your product Apple is not trying to open a new niche, it’s already happened before. But to rethink many familiar things in Cupertino definitely wish. About this more than speaks eloquently and the name, referring us directly to the MacBook Pro. Between these laptops and the iPad Pro, you can spend a curious parallel, reflecting, perhaps, the main feature of the tablet. I’m sure many forgot and someone even not remember that there was once a 17-inch version of the MacBook Pro. Technically it was the flagship. But the huge size has been detrimental to his popularity and existence in principle.

We won’t prophesy a similar fate 13-inch “tablet”, but many potential users impressive dimensions would be scared off. Large screen inevitably affects the ergonomics. To hold, to include, to work on the go with iPad Pro with one hand is difficult and quite risky. It is better to use both limbs. Always.

Mobile games the effect of the large screen effect in two ways. Car arcade and simulation, for example, were more fun to play football problematic – the buttons themselves are large, not enough hands.

The main accessory for an iPad Pro – Apple’s Pencil – looks like a decisive element. Graphics and photo editors, electronic painting, if you will, thanks to the clever pencil become interesting and even exciting. It always is the functionality level that you expect to receive professional designers, architects and artists, is difficult to answer. But photographers acquire a 12.9-inch new product specifically for their work.

Although Tim cook has positioned the iPad Pro as a device for professionals, for some problems, the device still iPad large format. The fact is that at the software level it is still a device on iOS with limited features in Lightroom and Photoshop and a specific organization of files. In the full cycle shooting (rented, downloaded, picked, processed, transferred/posted) to do without a computer is possible, but problematic.

Adobe wrongly understood the phrase Steve jobs “There’s an app for that” (“we have an app for that”), breaking almost every program function table on a separate mobile app to work with photos in Adobe Lightroom is for selection and color correction, PS Express for simple photo editing, Photoshop Fix for handling more difficult and Photoshop Mix for collages.

Nevertheless, by the computer: does not support third-party Lightroom presets to edit the geometry of the frame and the camera profiles, does not support Photoshop Fix photos in RAW and adjustment layers in Photoshop Mix can only be from the photos. Fill the layer with color or gradient also will not work. Draw it in Adobe Sketch or use the button “export to desktop version”.

Many iPad Pro now rests either in neoptimizirovannost software for it or the need to purchase additional accessories. Without them it’s just a big tablet for movies, videos, music, games.

Typing on new Apple tablet – the quest. Successful solutions three: from fiction to build your palms; use a third-party virtual keyboard, such as Swype, physical or wireless. In the latter case, the options are many. The original model is Smart Keyboard, which also serve as covers for the tablet, in the Russian online store soon.

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