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In Russia want to ban online services subscriptions “on click”

Subscribers of Russian operators complain about the spontaneous connection of paid services. When the smartphone user presses the Play button on the website, he can quietly get the paid subscription.

It’s no secret that mobile users in Russia face a problem of subscription services “on click”. The algorithm allows you to “discreetly” register on person services, the existence of which the user learns after the submission of the first accounts. Now the situation has attracted the attention of a member of the state Duma Committee for security and combating corruption.

Ilya Kostunov asked Roskomnadzor and Rospotrebnadzor to check for compliance with the law, the subscription services “click”, which support the operators, according to “Izvestia”. The mobile Internet user clicks on Play to watch the video, you may unwittingly get a subscription daily subscription fee. Even if not to go to the website, the money will be debited. The user often learns about it by chance, after a few days.

“In some cases, to give apparent legitimacy to their actions, distributors, links place unobtrusive text “by Pressing the… button you agree to the terms of the subscription”, – said in the letter, Kostunov. As the Deputy notes, the ease of dissemination of such links in the social networks under the guise of conventional video makes this technology especially dangerous, and the damage is massive”

Not all Russian mobile operators to notify subscribers about such subscriptions and withdrawals of funds. In the “Beeline” assured that they are actively dealing with fraud content providers. In 2015, as reported, amount of returns and moral compensation to customers for incorrect charges in the services of content providers declined by 7.5 times.

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According to experts, in Russia from the accounts of users per month is deducted up to 30 million rubles (more than $377 thousand). Some experts believe that such subscription should be banned because it can be used by scammers and unscrupulous content providers. “If we fail to do so, it is necessary to oblige all operators to send SMS notification service is connected or whether the subscriber wants to connect it”, – consider in the company TelecomDaily.

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