Apple will reduce the monobrow iPhone 12

With the release of the iPhone X in 2017, a new era in the design of the iPhone has begun. Apple abandoned the familiar Home button, and replaced the standard rectangular display with a panel with a monobrow for the speaker, camera and sensors. The new design did not appeal to everyone, but it seems […]


Users have named their favorite iPhone model

The popular online forum Reddit decided to conduct a survey among its participants in order to determine the most beloved iPhone model. The survey results surprised many. A large-scale survey showed that the favorite iPhone model for many is the iPhone X released in 2017, which made a real revolution in the Apple smartphone family. […]


IPhone radiation called non-hazardous

Some time ago, the Chicago Tribune edition excelled. His journalists investigated the level of electromagnetic radiation iPhone. The results were shocking. Image from According to the Chicago Tribune, some iPhones are dangerous. Their SAR is far from normal. This is the specific absorption coefficient of electromagnetic energy. For example, the iPhone X scored 2.19 […]


iPhone X started to turn off spontaneously

One of the most important components of the phone is the battery. Without it, nothing will work. Alas, modern lithium-ion cells are imperfect. They have flaws. Image from The main disadvantage is gradual degradation. Power supplies wear out over time. This leads to sad consequences. They faced the owners of the iPhone X. Many […]


What iPhone 12 will look like without bangs

Before the announcement of the next generation iPhone is still at least eight to nine months old, and the web is already actively discussing the design of new smartphones. On the eve of the web appeared photos of the layout of the so-called iPhone 12, discovered by journalists on Alibaba. And today, the images of […]


Declassified the design of the iPhone 12

Despite the fact that before the announcement of the next generation iPhone is still at least nine months old, its appearance is already declassified. The first images of the so-called iPhone 12 were shared by the Japanese blog MacOtakara. No, the video is not a prototype of the iPhone 12 straight from Cupertino, it's just […]


Apple earned $ 64 billion last quarter

On Wednesday, October 30, Apple published a financial report for the third calendar quarter of 2019, which for it, like for other American companies, was the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019. Apple talked about the revenue received, but the number of devices sold was not announced again. interesting                            iPhone 11 turns […]


Mac Pro Launching Close

Apple introduced the next generation Mac Pro at the WWDC 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference this summer, promising that it will go on sale in the fall. Tomorrow is November and Apple will have exactly one month to keep the promise. Before launching sales of new products, it is necessary that they pass the mandatory certification […]


Experts revealed the secret camera iPhone 11 Pro

It's no longer a secret that the iPhone 11 Pro shoots great. The three rear lenses of the flagship are unrivaled. Apple has surpassed itself – no doubt. The aforesaid is confirmed by independent experts. Image from iPhone 11 Pro was studied by the creators of the Halide application. This is a popular third-party […]