How to connect a controller from a PlayStation or Xbox to iPhone and iPad

This fall, Apple will launch a new game service, Apple Arcade, by subscribing to which you will get access to hundreds of games for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and even Mac. Management in games will be as usual touch, but also many games will receive support for controllers. With the release of iOS 13 […]


Waymo autopilot won't ride in bad weather

Soon all of us will have a wonderful future, where people will not be allowed to drive cars with the exception of specially designated places. But while we are at the very beginning of the development of autonomous cars. And periodically, interesting or unexpected features of the computer vision of the car's control systems pop […]


Combo Playme P600SG Review

Long time I did not unpack the new Playme! Last time with a couple of Ilyusha Kazakov, when they shot a wonderful movie about our Mini. Much water has flown under the bridge since that time! Already, Ilya and the Mini do not (moved to the new “three” BMW), all new gadgets for the car […]