Apple will assemble iPhone XS in India

As you know, Apple now produces in India iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 for the domestic market. And soon she will start assembling high-end models there, as reported by industry sources. interesting                            iOS 12.4 will upset the owners of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6                   Apple went on trial […]

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The smartphone from Huawei has overtaken iPhone SE and became the most sold in Russia. How come and what does it mean?

Paul Gorodnitsky – about the controversial Chinese leadership of the gadget. July 12 seems to be the authoritative edition of “Vedomosti” published the news that in may 2018 the smartphone Huawei Honor 9 Lite has become the most popular in Russia. It gained 3.1 percent of customers, on the second place – the Galaxy J1 […]

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Apple to make iPhone 6s in India

Apple moved the production of the iPhone 6s in India, writes iPhone Hacks. It happened a year later after India started to collect iPhone SE. For production of the iPhone 6s responds to the same company that assembles the iPhone SE — Wistron. For the production of the iPhone 6s it had built an additional […]

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IPhone SE 2 will still be the unibrow

31 may to Twitter by Sonny Dickson, a photo appeared of a protective film. Judging by its form, it is designed for iPhone SE 2, the screen seems to be a cutout under the TrueDepth camera. Film located adjacent to a similar accessory for the iPhone X. At first glance they are, except size, are […]