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Two reasons why the LG G6 has no chance against the iPhone

LG became the first major brand, which presented its flagship smartphone in 2017. And it was the first phone made in the new design concept, when the display occupies almost the entire front panel of the device.

The manufacturer has done a great job, by placing a 5.7-inch screen with a resolution of Quad HD+ is almost the same case that the 4.7 inch iPhone 7. In addition, a higher resolution provides a pixel density of 564 ppi vs 326 ppi at the “Apple” of the device. Thus, LG G6 is an attractive, powerful and surprisingly compact smartphone with a large screen.

Apple has always been famous for attention to detail, especially when it comes to design and quality. This approach from the “Apple” of the manufacturer forcing competitors to constantly raise rates. Although this year LG has managed to make significant improvements in the flagship design, LG G6, you notice severe flaws.

The main component of any smartphone is its display. LG G6 it’s big, bright, with excellent colour and contrast. The rounded corners of the screen would make the device more attractive if they didn’t look sloppy because of the protruding pixels. It is very conspicuous and spoils all the impression of a frameless screen. Defect was seen in the preliminary version of the device and, judging by the complaints of users, not fixed in the final version of the smartphone.

Often manufacturers make smartphones a symmetrical front and back. If you look at the side of the iPhone 7, it is seen that the device is uniformly bent from the front and back sides. LG G6 everything is different — the South Korean flagship like a rounded trapezoid. The company used this form intentionally, to make the device comfortable to lay in his hand, but reached the opposite effect. Instead follow the curvature of the hands and make the smartphone a wider front, as in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG did the same thing, but from the back side. This device is really comfortable to hold, but only if it rests on the palm face down.

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It is surprising that the manufacturer gives the green light to devices with similar drawbacks, especially when it comes to flagship models. LG has never been attention to detail, but such errors seem inexcusable.

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