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Apple Music has become illegal in the UK

Last year Britain passed a law by which the inhabitants of the country were allowed to create digital copies of purchased CDS for personal use. After this, the group cooperates and the copyright holders filed a joint application for judicial review of this law, arguing that it causes them financial harm. Today, the British government agreed with the plaintiffs ‘ claims.

Exceptions to copy CDS for personal use cancelled, and now it is again a violation of the law. Among other things, the law prohibits copying of music using Time Machine and duplicate the musical content in the cloud services and Apple iTunes Match Music.

“Now it is illegal to make copies of copyright protected works right, even for private use without obtaining permission from the copyright holder, including translating data from one format to another, writes 1709. – Separately, that is prohibited to transfer CD to MP3. This means that a popular feature of iTunes, which Apple actively promotes during installation of the program, becomes an outlaw”.

The act was considered for a long time amid lobbying record labels. Now Apple will be forced to make changes to their music services in the UK.

“The operators of cloud services need to change the rules of use of services in order to deal with complaints from rights holders. Streaming services will have to change the persistence mechanism to prevent backing up the original compositions” – indicates the edition.

Thus, users in the UK are not allowed to store duplicate songs on my iPhone and Mac.

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The electronic frontier Foundation (EFF) called the court’s decision reckless: “It is great because it is so reckless, so out of touch with reality and the real needs and expectations of ordinary people that is an exemplary illustration of the need for urgent reform of the outdated and unbalanced European Directive on copyright (the European Copyright Directive, 2001/29)”.

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