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Photo: iPhone melted from the heat in the UK

If you decide to enjoy the summer heat and sun, it is better to leave your iPhone at home. As told one of the owners of the gadget in the UK, the internal components of the smartphone can easily melt if you leave the gadget in the sun.

For the first time in 20 years, the British were faced with a very hot weather or five days in a row the temperature did not fall below 30 degrees Celsius. In some regions of the country, the thermometer was higher than in Los Angeles and in the Bahamas. June 19 was the hottest day in the history of the United Kingdom.

Usually in the heat of the Brits out on the beach to sunbathe and swim. But for one owner iPhone temperature records ended sadly, as he had to pay a large sum for the repair of the smartphone.

During lunch in a cafe in Cornwall girl put her iPhone 6s on the bag, which was under direct sunlight. When she took gadget in his hands, he was no longer working.

The girl dropped her iPhone in service Tech Dave Guy. “This is the worst damage we’ve seen, the specialists said. Connectors of the screen and even the camera melts.”.

If the iPhone is in the sun for literally 15 minutes, most likely, the user will receive a warning about overheating, and the machine can be used only for emergency calls until it cools down.

Apple itself recommends not to use the iPhone at a temperature above 35 degrees Celsius. If the temperature inside the smartphone is outside the normal operating range, the device will protect the internal components, trying to regulate temperature.

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