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Smart Hamwells shower e-Shower saves up to 90% of water [video]

In August this year, the company Nebia was surprised by the announcement of super saver shower heads that allows you to use 70% less water. The idea is so much Apple’s CEO Tim cook that he invested his own money.

A few days the product was collected on Kickstarter in 10 more than the required sum. Apple first established the offices of prototypes Nebia, and journalists, in order to better describe the features of the device and your impressions of it, went to test it with soap and towel. The cost of the shower head Nebia is $400.

After some time, the company Hamwells announced that it managed to break this record. She submitted her electronic shower that saves up to 90% water. The main highlight of the device called the e-Shower is in recirculation of moisture. Every minute of used water is collected by the installation, is cleared by means of filters, is mixed with 1.5 liters of fresh water and fed again. Before the spill, the whole mixture is treated with ultraviolet rays.

Thus, the owner of a soul spends 90 percent less water, but not at the expense of comfort. In addition to the crazy economy and great design, the developers offer a few more features. In particular, it is possible to control the shower using a mobile app, to stream music and monitor the amount of savings.

The only disadvantage of the e-Shower is its price — $3 200. But the company partially compensates for this fact that takes on the costs of delivery and installation.

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