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What novelties can we expect from Apple at WWDC 2016

Apple is preparing to surprise customers and market professionals. Experts now talk about the advantages and disadvantages of iOS 10 and the television service that the company intends to submit in the first month of summer.

Apple spends just four important special a year (two presentations and two conferences for developers, so they have time to prepare for the new products), so preparing for them like last time. Each event is announced or launched the next “great product” the company from Cupertino, which not only defines new vector of development for herself, but for the entire market.

The nearest event — the conference for developers WWDC 2016 will be held from 13 to 17 June 2016 and will be traditionally held in the exhibition complex Moscone West in San Francisco.

iOS 10

At WWDC 2016, developers will be provided with the following iOS version 10, but on iPhone and iPad it is, as before, will appear not earlier than September, along with new smartphones. In the latest release of OS Apple implements a more flexible “control Point”, allowing to change the icons places and add new shortcuts. Will be updated many native apps including Photos, which will bring users advanced features for editing metadata and a function definition. iPhone and iPad are allowed to hide from the home screen unused standard program.

In turn, the iOS version 10 for iPad, because of the deteriorating sales of tablets will see a number of new features including full iPad multiwindow mode and other “professional” solution. The operating system appears and 74 new smilies and update function of the staff applications separately from the OS.

MacOS 10.12

Last week Apple accidentally let slip on renaming its desktop operating system. With the release of version 10.12 of the platform will be named MacOS instead of OS X. recently the company strives to unify the names of their software and hardware products, so the rebranding of IOS should not be a surprise.

The main innovation in OS is considered the voice assistant Siri. To date, Siri has been limited to iOS, tvOS and watchOS. A personal assistant will allow Mac users to give voice commands to the computer — for example, to run an app, find any file. The function will be like Siri on iOS to use the power of cloud servers to extend the capabilities.

watchOS 3.0

New watchOS will become the third generation of the software platform for “smart” clock Apple Watch. About innovations in the operating system is little known. We are talking about the improve the stability of the OS, as well as broader autonomy applications. Now the software applies to the iPhone as a result Apple Watch functions very slowly. WatchOS final version 3.0 will be released this fall along with the Apple Watch 2.

New Mac

This week Apple updated 12-inch MacBook. In June 2016 at WWDC Apple is planning to show the MacBook Pro of new generation, which will be thinner and lighter than current models. In this case, Apple can close the MacBook Air lineup, as modern technologies enable to get rid of the compromise and release a powerful device in a compact and lightweight package. Thus, the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2016 would be the very MacBook Air with Retina display that is already not the first year will have a large number of potential buyers, but I can’t wait. As a result, consumers will have the choice to purchase even more thin and light, MacBook Pro or pay attention to the MacBook.

Television service

At the end of last year it was reported that Apple abandoned plans to launch its own online television service due to the fact that it failed to negotiate with suppliers of media content on prices. Later it became known that the company is not left intentions to create its own service and continues to negotiate with content providers. The service should offer 25 channels, including premium cable, and the cost of a monthly subscription in the U.S. will be 30 to 40 dollars.

There are several reasons why Apple would want to get involved in competition with Netflix or HBO on the market entertaining video content. One of them is the growth of quotations of shares of the company during the last three months showed a declining trend. In addition, the launch of a new service will help to increase the sales of set-top boxes Apple TV.


At the conference for developers, Apple plans to introduce new cloud services, as well as to announce the transition to our own infrastructure. Recently the company confirmed that is going to strive to protect the privacy of users, not yielding even under the pressure of the U.S. government. Security is only one of the causes of changes in iCloud, the other will be the performance. Development of own hardware and software allows Apple to produce quality products and to cloud services will apply the same approach.

Apple Pay

At WWDC 2016 will be announced new opportunities for payment service Apple, including ptp-functionality. Payments between iPhone and iPad will be implemented with the help of the messenger iMessage. This means that the recipient is not obliged to give anyone your email address or payment details. Person needs to receive a plain text message that you can open at any time.

Apple may also announce the expansion of the payment service. Insiders suggest that Apple Pay need to earn in Russia. Now Apple is in talks on cooperation with Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Binbank, Tinkoff Bank, VTB24. As of today, Apple Pay is only available in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China and Singapore.

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