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Top executives of Apple and Samsung meet again in court

May 14, Apple and Samsung will once again meet in court to decide on the amount of compensation to be paid by the South Korean giant, reports Appleinsider. According to...


All that is known about the Apple Watch Series 4

Described rumors and speculation about the device, which will likely be called the Apple Watch Series 4. In the second half of this year, Apple will likely release a new...


Apple wants to teach Siri to automatically learn new words

Apple registered a new patent, according to which Siri will automatically learn and remember new words and phrases, writes Digital Trends. Siri will analyze user requests and to search for...


The Apple Watch will help to deal with snoring

19 APR 2018 for the section “sleep Analysis” the Apple Watch has a new app that helps you to prevent snoring. About the health innovation reports 9to5Mac. Upon detection of...


Apple Watch will appear back covers

Apple constantly examines the possibility of introducing Apple Watch new useful features. Some supplements can lead to serious design changes and the emergence of interchangeable rear panels, according to Apple...


Apple was working on a round version of the Apple Watch

Recently, the network was published another patent from Apple that describes a gadget resembling the Apple Watch, but with a round display. Many users are dissatisfied with the current form...


Apple is working on implementing the camera in the Apple Watch

Apple has patented a new design of the Apple Watch with built-in camera and support for Face ID. The information that smart watches Apple will be the front facing camera...


Apple and Samsung are developing transparent displays that support augmented reality

Since 2009, Apple and Samsung working on transparent display panels. Both companies have registered the appropriate patents. 9 years ago Apple patented a specialized screen that you can use when...


Qualcomm fined more than a billion dollars

Antitrust regulators of the European Union has imposed on Qualcomm fine in the amount of 997 million euros, according to 9to5mac. The size of the penalty will amount to 4.9%...


The European Union fined Qualсomm a deal with Apple to hinder competition

Qualcomm may face a fine of up to two billion dollars from the European observer anticoncurrentiel a deal with Apple, reports The Financial Times. According to the publication, the chip...


Samsung’s patented simultaneous use of S-Pen and your finger to control the Galaxy Note

Patent application filed with WIPO, the world intellectual property organization in the future will allow users to simultaneously control your phone using S-Pen and finger. It is reported by Gizmochina....


Samsung has patented a phone design iPhone X, only without the “monobrow”

Apple’s approach to design in the iPhone X has one drawback – too big a cutout frameless screen. In the patent, discovered edition of LetsGoDigital described a method of placing...


Apple has patented a new technology 3D printing

Recently, the patent and trademark office has published 44 new patent applications from Apple. Among them, the patent on a color 3D printer. Such a move by Apple seems a...


Apple will help to reduce the size of online video

Apple joins consortium Alliance to help other companies to develop new technologies of video compression. This was reported by the publication CNET. Journalist Stephen Checkland wrote about the fact that...


Fast Apple patents wireless charging

Apple patents the technology which will effectively charge devices at a distance

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