Introduced iPhone 11 Pro Superior – with Steve Jobs Turtleneck

If anyone did not know – there is such a company. It’s called Caviar. She releases luxury versions of popular smartphones. iPhone, as you know, was no exception. Image from the site What distinguished Caviar this time? She introduced the line of iPhone 11 Pro Superior. There are 3 models in the collection with […]


                                    Cost and launch date for the new 10.2-inch iPad in Russia

On Tuesday, September 10, at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple introduced its new products – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Max, Apple Watch Series 5 and 10.2-inch iPad. All new items will appear in Russia. And when and at what price, we will now tell. interesting                            iPhone SE 2 will […]


                                    Apple announces release date for iOS 13 and iPadOS

On Tuesday, September 10, at a presentation at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple not only introduced the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple Watch Series 5 and 10.2-inch iPad, but also announced the release dates for iOS 13 and iPadOS These operating systems, recall, were presented at the beginning of June […]


                                    The company is a trillion: Apple shares have risen after the announcement of the iPhone 11

On Tuesday, September 10, at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple held a presentation of the iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 and the new iPad with a 10.2-inch display. The securities market reacted positively to the announcement of new Apple products. Apple shares rose several percent, making the company's market value exceeded one trillion dollars. […]


                                    Officially: Apple announced when it unveils iPhone 11

No more speculation or rumors. Insiders were right. The debut of the iPhone 11 will take place on September 10. This was stated by Apple itself. Image from The corporation from Cupertino decided not to pull. The California giant began sending out invitations. The latter shows the date and time of the presentation. interesting […]


About Everything Interesting This Week # 8: KFC Wings from Artificial Meat, New iPhone Sales Launch, and Star Wars Trailer

The last Sunday of summer and the first day of autumn. A lot of news has accumulated over the week, which means time for the next selection. One paragraph news Korean AirPods ad with covers An AirPods commercial has appeared on the official Apple Korea channel, featuring a variety of third-party cases. Such covers serve […]


                                    Who will lead Apple after Tim Cook?

After the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook became the head of Apple. Under his leadership, the company is booming. At least – financially. Image from However, Cook will not be CEO forever. Sooner or later he will leave Cupertino. Who will replace him then? The authoritative publication Bloomberg conducted an investigation. Bloomberg reporters […]


It was – it became: how the buildings of the offices of famous companies have changed since the founding of & nbsp

Look at the photos of garages and offices, where companies once arose, which the whole world now knows about. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos were once inconspicuous names and surnames. And Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon – in simple words, which without context did not cause any associations at all. But […]