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iOS 10: what to expect from the new operating system

In June Apple will announce the new operating system for iPhone, iPod and iPad. After radical changes in iOS 7 the company two years switched mode fixes that but now it’s time again to show something resonant. MacDigger found out what will please users iOS 10, and suggested what features would be popular among owners of “Apple” devices.

In 2015, Apple has rethought the music service, developing Music platform, which is integrated into the standard player allows you to listen to the tracks on subscription. This time the company focused on another category of content — the photos. It is known that iOS 10 will receive a number of changes, one of which concerns the application Photo. Users have advanced capabilities for editing metadata EXIF directly in the program, as well as specific areas of the picture (completely different level in comparison with the current editor). Also, the expected emergence of face recognition for photos Face Detection.

Another innovation relates to all system applications in iOS. With the release of “dozens” for iPhone and iPad allow to hide from the home screen unused standard program. In iOS 9.3 in order to remove stock icons from the desktop, not only that, you will need a Mac and need to do some non-trivial actions by using third-party utilities. IOS 10 iPhone and iPad users will be a simple add-in menu in which you can remove unwanted apps.

10 iOS developers implement more flexible “control Point”. Apple finally allowed to change the icons in some places, to add new shortcuts is unnecessary. For example, to remove the “Calculator” in favor of instant activation power saving mode. Also on the “Item management” will extend the powers of the Force Touch.

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Important change in iOS 10 is due to the way updates to preinstalled applications. With the release of the new version Apple will be able to update them separately from the OS releases. Now in order to fix a bug or add new features to the Calendar, iBooks or Music, the company has to release an update for the entire operating system.

The ability to work in parallel in two Windows had to add in iOS 8, but then all power companies are left to adapt software to new iPhone diagonals. So multiwindow mode presented only in 2015, and in a shorter form: full function operates exclusively in the newest iPad.

This limited implementation was due to lack of time and developers. In iOS 10 multiconnect will be available to all owners of iOS-devices with larger screens, particularly the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. It will be modified to get the list of supported applications (now on the flanks out of the standard program — Notes, Safari, and so on).

Good news for fans to chat with emoticons: iOS 10 is coming big update of the set of characters Emoji. In the operating system users are waiting for right 74 new funny faces. Among the emojis, will make its debut in iOS 10, there are symbols depicting the selfie, a clown, a handshake, a shame, a pregnant woman, a withered flower, an eagle, the snout of a Fox, a duck, Boxing glove, bat and others.

Other insights about the new operating system yet, and, apparently, does not: Apple is guarding details about “top ten” from journalists as well as two years ago guarded the information about the design of the Apple Watch. Analysts suggest that in iOS 10 for example, OS X will appear dark mode Dark Mode interface, the ability to install third-party apps as the default and will be an improved Siri.

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The first beta of iOS 10 will be released on 13 June, the opening day of WWDC 10, the final version will debut this fall.

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