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You are being followed: how and why intelligence agencies listening to the iPhone, breaking messengers and mail

The penetration of electronics into all areas of our life not haunted by an increasing number of people: they choose “safe” messengers, stick the camera on laptops, meeting with business partners, take it out of your phone battery — you never know, suddenly the wire goes. Who is watching us, how and for what purpose said resource 66 CEO of Internet service provider INSYS Artem Cheranev.

Recently messenger WhatsApp feel the need to tell their users: “the Messages you send to this chat, and calls are now encrypted”. “Wow, how cool! Now intelligence is nothing about me not know” — apparently, this was supposed to be a response. Artem Cheranev almost 20 years working in communications. He spoke about how security services are cooperating with the operators, who can become an object of total control, and why the ordinary citizen can to use any gadgets and any.

— Almost every second friend periodically hear: “I don’t use this messenger (this device this post) because its easy to hack”. I always say in response: “Honey, you can use. Because well, who needs you?”

Indeed the technical capabilities to hack into and listen to the track all devices on which the software is installed. About smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets I can not say anything — it is not know. But, for example, I heard a story: when one power structure ordered three UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and before installing them checked, it turned out that all three “upeasti” the microphones were soldered. And there is a suspicion that they were soldered in there on the Assembly line in China, though, what in the world…

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In General, any printer (provided it has a microphone, and in the driver’s code is written the right piece) can all voice traffic from your office to collect and forward. Technically it’s all feasible.

In addition, there is such a thing called “investigative measures” (SORM). Under SORM each operator, so he would not be denied the license required to install on site the appropriate equipment certified by the Federal security service and its uses. It is, relatively speaking, existing in parallel to the Central routers of the operator piece of iron, through which all traffic flows. Highlight — the entire Internet traffic, voice, anything.

That is actually the secret services are not necessarily connected to each microphone, or to sit with headphones and listen to all of our flood. In order to track them often enough to refer to her as “Traficant” and absolutely freely, in remote access, with its terminals in conventional cellars of the Lubyanka, according to the sign of traffic to allocate and to analyze it. It is absolutely not difficult. And in the same SORM are drives that mirror all traffic for a certain period, that is what you will need, you can get not just online, but also from the archives. Accordingly, in order for someone to follow, efforts should be made much smaller than is the average man. No secret satellites and drones don’t need.

But, on the other hand, all negotiations, correspondence, some photographs start to be interesting only in two cases: if a person becomes a major media or political figure and the public want to see, what he lives, what he eats, sleeping with whom. The second point is when a person starts to present any real threat to the state: here we are talking about terrorism, distribution of child pornography, extremism or things associated with drug trafficking or incitement to suicide. These are the main options, which are actively monitored by the relevant agencies: the Department “K” the interior Ministry and it departments in the FSB. Until that moment, until the man does not fall in the first category, or second, it is not interesting neither the FSB nor the KGB, nor the CIA, nor the Ministry of interior or Putin personally. It must be understood.

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However, as soon as you approach the categories that are of interest to intelligence agencies (I’ve led an exhaustive list), then at least use the dial telephone: you can track, listen, review. Here is a simple example: at the operational shooting operations to identify the gang of drug traffickers is clearly seen that these guys are absolutely ancient push-button phones without access to the Internet, type “Nokia-3310”, constantly changing the handset and SIM cards, communicate the prearranged signals. But enjoy them.

“If a person enters the field of view of the FSB and Department K of the interior Ministry, he can use even the iPhone, though disc phone — it will track, listen and look”.

There is, for example, special programs that focus on the recognition of specific words. How they are used and with what regularity, of course, nobody will tell me. But I do know that these technologies exist and more than that — they recognize not only words, but intonation and determine the emotional state of a person.

And, of course, intelligence agencies always work closely with operators. In our practice there were several requests from law enforcement agencies: once they “developed” the hacker who hacked Bank accounts. There was another case, when catching the child pornographer. Recently covered a terrorist cell, which called here for Jihad. Such cooperation can be in various forms — ranging from access to IP addresses and ending with the fact that under the guise of employees of the company-operator, simulating some preventive work on the site, the security services set up my equipment.

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But all this is only upon the official request must be issued by a competent authority. This is not a phone call: “Hey, Hey, open me”. If this suddenly happens and gets out, then the operator risks a smack in the head that is closed and will not reopen.

I’ve been in this business 17 years: on my mind in all such incidents, when we were asked, it was about really bad guys. Someone said, “But you got there lives the Deputy (or, say, a mere mortal Ivan Ivanov) — we want to look at it and smell it”, — this, I swear, never was. So all this paranoia that we are constantly being watched, is complete garbage.

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