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Featured email client Airmail is now available on iPad

The creators of the popular mail client for Mac Airmail, which gets credit wide possibilities for customization, debuted on the iPad. The release took place two months after the release of the version for iPhone.

Airmail for iPad supports all the features of tablet computers Apple, including mode Split View, keyboard shortcuts, the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. For the new version of the client also stated the function “Send later”, the delivery report message and the new two finger gesture to switch between messages.

Airmail has many beneficial functions: support a fast-action 3D Touch and push notifications, tags, and labels, the ability to convert letters into high-quality PDF files, compatible with “smart” clock Apple Watch.

Overall, Airmail allows you to do with correspondence everything to connect to different accounts (Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, IMAP and POP3), configure filters, create drafts in HTML format, to save, to open links in different browsers, and more. Users, for example, can even change the order of items on the menu at his own discretion or to designate other actions to swipe along the letters.

The app interface is not overloaded with unnecessary buttons and settings and looks very simple. It also lends itself to customization: for example, you can change the colors and icons of folders, disable showing avatars or decrease the number of rows of thumbnails to save space on the screen.

Airmail for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded from the App Store. The program costs $ 379 rubles.

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