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Users of iPhone 6s to lose messages and call history when restoring backups from iCloud

The owners of the new iPhone 6s complained of problems with the function of data backup in iCloud. According to users, when you try to restore backups from the other models of iPhone on the flagship devices don’t appear messages and recent calls. With local copies of such problem is not observed.

On failure the function indicated by the users of the Apple support forum. According to the author of the account Pardthemonster, he bought for himself and his wife iPhone 6s and decided to recover data from iPhone 5s on iOS 9.0.1. The procedure was successful, however, in particular the history of messages and recent calls on the device has not appeared. It happened with all backups in iCloud.

Users of the forum write about the possible causes of the bug. One of them suggested that the problem stems from the fact that the backup was created on the iOS operating system 9.0.1, and was restored to iOS 9.0. Another thinks that the device is probably corrupted downloads from iCloud copy.

One hundred percent solution to detect still failed. One way to recover the data in full is as follows: on both iPhone you need to install the latest update iOS 9.1, then you should create a new backup on the old device and the new – to restore factory settings. In this case, restoring the backup should occur without error. The surest way to “roll” a copy via iTunes.

Be that as it may, Apple announced that the are aware of this issue and are working to resolve.

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