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Steve jobs explained why Apple refused the headphone Jack on the iPhone 7 [video]

The most radical external change in the iPhone 7 was the refusal of 3.5 mm audio Jack for headphones. This solution to many users seemed questionable: included to the smartphone is now a separate adapter to connect wired headphones to the Lightning connector.

Actually Apple is not the first time radically refuses from the technologies that she considers timeless. At the time, Steve jobs explained why the company does it that way.

“We strive to create products for people, and we have a belief of what technology should be part of this product, and what should not and we should get rid of them. Some people may not like it, they’ll call us [***], but we are ready to accept this criticism and work on technologies, which, in our opinion, the future and which will be most appropriate for consumers. And you know what? They pay us for that we made this choice. If we do, they buy them, and if not – then do not buy. Everything is simple,” said jobs, commenting on the refusal to support Flash in the iPhone and iPad.

In the past, Apple has repeatedly refused to obsolete technologies, soon become a relic of the past. A highly indignant when deprived Apple MacBook drive DVD-ROM drive, the other was crying because of the rejection of FireWire. A lot of criticism was toward the 12-inch MacBook with a single USB port. Remember what happened when Apple abandoned the 30-pin connector in favor of Lightning, ignoring the millions of existing chargers and accessories?

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But we got used to it. Over time and get used to the lack of a standard audio Jack in the iPhone. Moreover, Apple is not abandoning him overnight. At least another year will be no adapter to use the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or SE with the usual mini jack.

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