What is the most buggy version of iOS?

An interesting experiment was conducted by Bloomberg reporters. Experts of the publication revealed the most stable iOS (starting with iOS 7). The results were curious. Image from Bloomberg carefully studied update statistics. They were especially interested in updates that fix bugs. The emphasis was on patches coming out in the first 2 months after […]

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Why Apple doesn’t change iOS

Five years ago Apple introduced iOS 7. It was the most massive system update, which completely changed its design. Many are waiting for the moment when Apple once again update the design of iOS, but soon it will not happen. Recently I played on iPad Air with iOS 8.4. This update was released in 2015, […]

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All that is known about iOS 11.4

Recently released iOS 11.3, but this is not the last intermediate release. Soon will begin testing iOS 11.4 and this was confirmed by Apple itself. First of all, it is known that the new operating system will support ClassKit. A new set of tools for developers creating educational apps and utilities. This is stated on […]