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Free Yota will replace the modem incompatible with OS X El Capitan

The operator Yota will free of charge replace modems no longer support the operating system OS X. this writes the Vc with reference to the PR-Director Lina Udovenko.

After installing OS X El Capitan, the people began to complain about the incompatibility with the new OS modems Yota. About this wrote journalist of “Izvestia” Vladimir Zykov. On his page on Facebook he said that “one big company” that use for corporate purposes modems and SIM cards Yota, has updated the operating system from the Mac, then the modem stopped working. But Yota refused to exchange the device because “the warranty period and the service life of the modems has expired” “and reason for replacement no.”

“Support #Yota claims, saying that man, that blame Apple, they stopped supporting new versions of these modems and since the error is not from Yota, and Apple buy our new modems,” he writes. And then the “one company” decided to use the SIM card of another operator.

Udovenko said that the problem is epplovskoy USB host driver, and when replacing the SIM cards nothing to work still will not. According to her, the company from Cupertino has compatibility issues with a number of devices, adding that Yota offered the company together to resolve the issue, but has not yet received a response. Later Udovenko said that the problem is solved Zykov, and Yota has decided to change the old modems for new ones.

About how much will be to operate the program, not reported. About her will not be publicly announced, but the replacement will be made “for all who have this model and who wants to change”. Udovenko noted that at the moment the modem is compatible with OS X El Capitan is gone, but the next week will receive the new shipment to replace.

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