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“To fight against Apple is meaningless”: the head of Patek Philippe called the mistake the desire of manufacturers to produce “smart” watch

Most Swiss manufacturers are committing two errors: bet on the Chinese market and produce their own models of “smart” hours. This was stated by Thierry stern, the head of Swiss watch brand Patek Philippe in an interview with Le Temps.

“While the release of the new models of watches you want at least two years, they (Swiss watch manufacturers) made a bid for a large volume of sales (in China) that eventually grew into a large volume of reserves, because the Chinese economy has slowed”, — quotes stern RNS.

“It seems to me, to fight with Apple or even more influential in this area for Asian companies is pointless, because they have huge experience in the market,” commented stern attempt Swiss manufacturers to release their version of “smart hours”. “Apple and other similar companies have the opportunity to create such products, which manufacturers hours. Therefore, to compete hard,” he said.

Stern stressed that Patek Philippe will never release a “smart watch”. In this case, the competitor Patek Philippe is the head of TAG Heuer Jean-Claude Biver — a few months ago, on the contrary, urged his colleagues not to ignore Apple products, and complained that the Swiss watch industry underestimates the success of the Apple Watch.

Success on the market “smart” hours is important because this market is actively growing. According to IDC estimates, in 2016 it will be sold at 34.3 million such models, while in 2015 sales are estimated at 21.3 million units. IDC forecasts that by 2019 sales will reach 88.3 million “smart” hours in a year. The importance of success in this market and recognized Swiss brands. According to the head of the Swiss manufacturer of Swatch nick Hayek, smart watches provide an opportunity to sell more hours. However, as he noted, Apple is not a competitor to the Swatch here.

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“We can’t talk about competition with Apple. They produce consumer electronics, and we don’t want to enter this sector. We’re competing with jewelry, so we have two very different world,” he said at a press conference.

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