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Journalists delighted with the stylus Pencil Apple

Probably already left those who didn’t hear “shocking news”: Apple has released the stylus. In fact, a bit more prosaic. To be precise, the “Pencil” – the official name of the device is a pen-enabled gradations of depression. Seemingly nothing new, but why is this announcement aroused the public? The thing is that in 2007 the founder of Apple Steve jobs has openly opposed styluses, calling them unnecessary to control the gadgets. This fact has generated a stream of jokes from the detractors.

However, demonstration set “iPad Pro + Pencil” was greeted with a very warm and journalists have received many positive reviews. The reviewers of AnandTech were among the first to try new products and are willing to share their experiences.

“The pen works so precisely that I have not noticed any of the primitive “ladder”, which happens with fuzzy recognition, no input delay. Good stylus should have a wide range of taps for the process to happen as naturally as possible. In the case of Apple Pencil interval ends just in time to not let me push the display too much and let him divorce.

In terms of writing on glass stylus feels great, discerning the slightest touch. If I wrote a real pencil and paper. You will not feel fatigue, but this is an issue with many pens. Even from the point of view of the “anatomy” of performance Apple Pencil succeeded. Its body is much larger and whatisthe than the competitors ‘ products, which maintains comfort during prolonged use. Also liked the fact that Peru does not require replacement of batteries, it can recharge from the tablet using the Lightning connector, But there are also negative aspects of this solution. For example, the stylus can easily be damaged during charging, if the iPad will suddenly fall out of your hands.

A unique feature of Apple Pencil is sensitivity to tilt, allowing to realize the most varied artistic effects — from the finest lines to the subtle touches. This seemingly minor feature allows you to forget that you actually do not write with a pencil or pen, and the stylus on the screen. I am sure that this feature makes Apple Pencil from just a good stylus in the best product in the industry.

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At the same time, it has two significant problems. First, this glossy plastic. At the time, as all devices are made in the same style of anodized aluminium stylus pen for Apple suffers material performance. Besides, it is inconvenient from a practical point of view, because the secretion of the sebaceous glands has not been canceled and the Pencil will be covered podozerovym layer. Even if you thoroughly wash your hands, you will save only a rubber pad under the toes. Secondly, I was dismayed to note the absence of any buttons on the stylus. Although my friends working with graphic tablets Wacom, argue that this problem is not critical. And one more thing: Pencil should work exclusively with an individual iPad Pro model. You will not be able to take any Pencil and any iPad and start working.

Generally speaking, I am definitely impressed with the new iPad Pro. This tablet has acted in a role of correction of errors, in which Apple fixed all the shortcomings of the previous models. External keyboard, pen and many new applications, coupled with 4 GB of RAM will bring the experience of use to a new level. I’m pretty sure that the novelty will save the tablet market from stagnation”.

A journalist from Wired said the following:

“Pencil” for $99 seems a real triumph: this is the highest quality product I have seen – it has no lags and stuttering. Thanks to a fantastic shape, it fits perfectly in your hand. He seemed to be designed for calligraphy or signing important documents, like the Declaration of independence. Whether it’s notes or drawings, it doesn’t matter, stylus performed perfectly”.

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In Engadget agreed with AnandTech:

Pencil slightly thicker than desired and has a white glossy. I would not say that he is 100% reminiscent of a pencil, but the similarity is felt. Role of friction, due to which you seem to print the letters on real paper”.

The reporters were excited about the new Apple product and called it one of the best in the industry. As would be the case with the sales accessory – we’ll see in November, when it will begin selling the iPad Pro.

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