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The crisis, which is not: why Russia is snapping up iPhone

In December 2014, the Euro broke the mark of 100 rubles, and the price of iPhone 6 has exceeded 50 000. Given that even a couple of months before the...



8 reasons for Apple to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C in iPhone 8

It is known that Apple is testing iPhone prototypes 10 8, among which is the model with USB interface-C. Therefore, there is a strong likelihood that instead of the Lightning...



Shopper iPhone in the UK have discovered the mobile phone numbers celebrities

UK-bought iPhone. After unpacking the unit, it turned out that the address book stored telephone numbers of celebrities. 31-year-old Briton Sophie Highfield purchased a new iPhone 5s in the branch...



Video jailbreak iOS 10.2 the iPhone 5s turned out to be fake

A video in Instagram showing iPhone jailbreak is fake. This opinion is shared by readers MacDigger. Earlier this week, the Instagram user with the nickname islam_akhrarov revealed the iPhone 5s...



Apple representatives contacted the relatives of the girl from Kazakhstan, charred from the explosion of the iPhone 5s

The story of a resident of Kazakhstan Ardak Orynbasarova, injured from the explosion of



Tim cook called the biggest disappointment of 2016

“Tim cook uttered the word “fabulous” in every sentence, although nothing incredible was not”, — the biographer of Steve jobs, Walter Isaacson has otreagiroval premiere of the iPhone 5s in...



ITunes 10.2 for iPhone 5s showed on video

The developers have managed to hack iOS 10.2, shows the roller user Instagram under the name islam_akhrarov. The video shows the iPhone 5s with the new OS, running an application...



MegaFon: iPhone shake 1.5 times more Internet traffic than Android users

IPhone users download from the Internet one and a half times more data than Android owners. Such statistics leads the operator “MegaFon”. The company has compiled a ranking of the...



iPhone SE will the fate of the iPhone 5c: will not continue

Earlier in the year Apple introduced the new companies SE the iPhone, replacing the iPhone 5s. Despite the relatively high sales, this apparatus may fail to continue. This is reported...



Study: users begin to contact with iPhone less carefully after the release of new models

A new study has shown that users begin to treat your iPhone less accurately, as soon as new model comes out. To such conclusion analysts of the Journal of Marketing...



The manufacturers of Windows PCs after Apple has built a fingerprint scanner in laptops

Apple seems to have again set a trend in the market. Manufacturers PC after the “Apple” giant began to produce laptops with a fingerprint scanner. This week Samsung announced a...



The girl in Kyrgyzstan exploded iPhone 5s: annealed 30% of the body burned the laptop and bed

In the result of spontaneous combustion iPhone 5s girl in Kyrgyzstan received third-degree burns. Now she is waiting for the conclusion of the examination and intends to receive compensation from...



Apple has agreed to invest in Indonesia $44 million to obtain approval for the sale of the entire range of iPhone

Next year in Indonesia will start to operate the law, complicating the launch. From January 2017 all phones that support LTE have to be localized by 30%, which is a...



Top 7 covers Spigen (SGP) for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Accessories Spigen searching in the Network more often. Why cases of this brand are so popular in Europe, USA and Russia? High quality workmanship at the factory in South Korea,...



The official YouTube client for iOS received support for a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels

Google has released a new version of the YouTube app for devices running iOS. The main innovation in it was the support super fine resolution 1440p. Up to this point...

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