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Five iPhones the best ratio “price-quality”. And three is the worst

Paul Gorodnitsky audited at electronics stores and determined which iPhone to buy the most profitable.

Tim cook to blame for the delays and weakness in the innovation, but he did the important thing: expanded model range of iPhones so that now there is a choice in all price categories except the smallest.

Ultimatively Steve jobs is gone – the shelves are quite different iPhones. Below is my guide for those who are looking to acquire a new gadget with utmost rationality.

1. iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB

Price: from 52 to 55 thousand rubles

The only smartphone on the market, which is not ashamed to take the credit. First, the 7 Plus is still in the top on the properties to aging will be at least another two years. Secondly, it is terribly practical – not afraid of water and often survives drops due to the metal casing.

But the main advantage is versatility plus: it is suitable for comfortable viewing of movies/TV series, and games (almost no heat) and photo-video (high quality), and for banal surfing the net – thanks to the excellent screen and decent battery. If you look at the market situation quite objectively, it appears that the 7 Plus is not inferior in anything important even the iPhone X.

Conclusion: when “seven” was 70+ thousand, there was a feeling that it’s expensive. But for 50+ – the most it: for less than a thousand dollars you will receive a reliable, productive, durable and sverhemotsionalnye gadget. Will be just not to lose it.

2. iPhone SE 128 GB

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Price: 26,5-28 thousand rubles

Those who are a little four-inch screen, you can immediately scroll to the next item, but if the size is not critical, the iPhone SE perfect. In fact, in the pre-crisis price, you will get miniatury, lightweight, slim and nimble machine with a good camera and a bottomless vault.

Battery there is also a Grand, so SE is perfect for vacation: it will be possible to listen to music, take pictures, and browse the social network and not worry that it runs out of power or falls out of your pocket. Class.

3. iPhone 6s 64 GB (restored)

Price: 29-30 thousand rubles

This smartphone will have to hunt, because it is sold everywhere, but research is worth it. If we accept the axiom that “restored” means “new”, 6s 64 GB is the best 4.7-inch iPhone of all (6 – much worse 7 and 8 – much more expensive).

3D Touch is, a 3.5 mm Jack connection – also, the CPU still pulls the system without the lag, the battery is more than enough memory, and the design is not yet outdated. In General, if I asked what camera to buy exactly 30 thousand, I would recommend this wagon.

4. iPhone 8 256 gigabytes

Price: 56-57 thousand rubles

It is hard to disagree: the Golden glass “eight” – is the most elegant, kitschy and stylish iPhone among all models with the design of the 2014.

Fortunately, prices on the grey market promptly collapsed, so the gadget can already be taken as the earth is quite adequate money. As a bonus for loyalty – support wireless charging and the monstrous chipset among all smartphones.

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The main thing – not to overpay: iPhone 8 in any case, no need to buy the official over 69 thousand rubles. So he, of course, not worth it.

5. iPhone X 64 GB

Price: 77-80 thousand rubles

Endless memory primogenital Russian buyers: in the first hours after the launch of iPhone X people bought only the black version at 256 gigabytes. I’m such a smartphone is not enough, and I picked up a white 64 GB. First depressed, and then I spent one evening on the packaging of a 128-Gigabyte storage in a old iPhone 7 Plus. In 3-4 hours I removed the unwanted photos, erased useless apps sent to the cloud music and cleared the memory so competently that of the 64 gigs on my iPhone X now employs about 25. The rest is either in heaven or in the garbage.

Accordingly, the night I saved 12 thousand rubles – a good cashback for a General cleaning in the files of the smartphone. I think the same could do: of course, score memory and not to bathe more pleasurable, but sometimes it really makes sense to buy the cheaper option.

What exactly not to buy?

iPhone 5s they still ask for 15-17 thousand, although they do not pull nor power, nor memory. 16 GB is ridiculous.

iPhone 7 32 GB is better for the same money to buy a new iPhone 6s 64 GB. 32 objectively did not fit.

iPhone 6 Plus – they are sold with good discounts, but to be tempted is not: first, the smartphone is a little weak on the specs, secondly, there is a version 16 gigs (forget), third, Apple itself admits that the first “pros” rolls the scrap.

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