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The photographer called 5 reasons to abandon the MacBook in favor of a Windows laptop

Photographer Manny Ortiz explained why he chose the Dell XPS 15 instead of a MacBook Pro to work with photos and videos. According to him, he was looking for something productive for video editing in 4K, but it is portable, as it is often necessary to work outside the home.

Ortiz’ve narrowed it down to Dell XPS 15 and MacBook Pro. In the end, he chose a laptop from Dell. The photographer called five reasons why he refused the portable Apple computer.


A huge role in taking decision was the price. The similarities of Dell XPS 15 is worth less than $1000 while the MacBook Pro price tag over $1000.


Despite the high price of the MacBook Pro, the user will also have to spend money on a USB adapter and adapters. There is no slot for SD cards and other connectors — all this is replaced by four USB-C.

The ability to upgrade

To upgrade hardware in Apple devices is not so simple. In the new model MacBook Pro CPU, RAM and SSD soldered to the motherboard, making upgrades almost impossible.

Touch screen

Laptop Dell XPS 15 equipped with a touch screen with multitouch support. The MacBook Pro only has a small touchpad above the keyboard.

According to Ortiz, he was accustomed to use the touch screen on your Surface Pro 3 and can’t imagine a laptop without it.


Nvidia GTX 1050 copes with playing and editing videos in 4K resolution. Ortiz impressed with the rendering speed, which determined his choice.

Manny Ortiz notes that this choice was based on his personal preferences. He for several years enjoyed the Mac and Windows, and both options have their strengths and weaknesses. According to the photographer, the MacBook Pro become so expensive, that he just can’t decide on a purchase. But for users with broader financial possibilities and desire to stay in the Apple ecosystem, the MacBook Pro last generation will be a great choice.

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