The new MacBook Air has a slower SSD drive than its predecessor.

Not so long ago, Apple has updated the range of their MacBook laptops. Touched the upgrade and the popular ultra-thin MacBook Air. However, in his case, the update can not be called an absolute plus. The thing is that the updated MacBook Air is inferior to its predecessor in terms of the speed of the […]

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Happy birthday, iMac!

Twenty years ago Apple released the first iMac — one of the most iconic personal computers in history. August 15, 1998 Apple released the new colorful iMac G3. One of the leading developers of the technology is the Jonathan Ive — at that time a rising star of industrial design. The computer was unique for […]

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Apple, what happened to the Mac mini?

The Mac mini is a unique computer that somehow uninteresting Apple. The last version was released four years ago, and the update waiting for at least two years. The Mac mini was introduced in 2005. Since then his concept has not changed: it’s just a computer without a keyboard, mouse and monitor. It is assumed […]

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Best laptops CES 2018

Exhibition of consumer electronics CES, which is in 2018, takes place from 9 to 12 January in Las Vegas sets the trends for the whole year. Edition Pocket-link has introduced a selection of the most anticipated laptops. Razer Project Linda Last year, Razer has unveiled the “project Valerie”. In 2018, it was the turn of […]

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Первые обладатели iMac Pro уже хвастаются новинкой в Instagram

В Instagram и YouTube появились фотографии и ролики с iMac Pro. Видимо, первые покупатели уже получают свои компьютеры в аккурат под Новый год. В соцсетях засветилилось само устройство, коробка от него и аксессуары в цвете Space Grey. Изначально Apple планировала начать поставлять