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The FBI paid for hacking iPhone terrorist $900 000

Although the iPhone Saad Farouk the terrorist who killed several people in San Bernardino, was successfully hacked by the contractor to the FBI almost a year ago, discussing this fact does not subside. The pour oil on the fire, and the representatives of the authorities. So, Senator Dianne Feinstein from California named the exact amount to which the Agency cost iPhone attacker.

Earlier it was reported that the Federal Bureau of investigation hacked iPhone organizer of the terrorist act in San Bernardino with the help of professional hackers who found and gave the Bureau information about at least one previously unknown vulnerability in the software of the mobile device. According to Feinstein, the FBI spent on the iPhone 5c shooter in San Bernardino of $ 900,000. The security services did not confirm this information, considering it confidential, and refused to comment.

The Federal government had to allocate the money from the budget: the FBI first approached by Apple to the manufacturer hacked the smartphone of a terrorist. But, Apple refused to make concessions and to give intelligence agencies access to the smartphone. According to Apple, it will create a precedent and will endanger the security of the information of other iPhone users.

The above cost break-it’s not surprising. In the fall of 2015, the company Zerodium offered $1 million to anyone that can find the vulnerability of “zero day” in iOS 9 and will provide an exploit for it, along with a detailed report.

Then, the prize has found its hero, and representatives Zerodium explained why for the 0day was declared such a large reward. They reported that the competition was “the best advertisement for Apple — it reaffirms that the security in iOS, there are seriously, this is not just marketing. No other software except iOS, not deserves a bug bounty of this size”.

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