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Mozilla has released a Firefox for iOS devices

In September, Mozilla has started testing a prerelease version of Firefox for the mobile platform iOS. The developers have set myself the task to create a convenient and functional browser than Safari, and regular opportunities have long been available on Apple devices Chrome. Today in the App Store released the final version of the program available for iPhone and iPad.

Among the “chips” browser provided by Mozilla: intelligent search, synchronize passwords, tabs, history and web surfing with the browser on your computer, a convenient rendering mode tabs open.

“Your Internet will be fast, smart and personal. Firefox is an independent browser that puts the people first. It is created by Mozilla, a leader in the field of privacy among Internet companies. Upgrade now and join the hundreds of millions who use Firefox to increase the flexibility of its web-surfing”.

“Smart search” in Firefox polls several search engines, offering the end user the results, the most suitable for viewing on a small smartphone screen. Available sync bookmarks and other user information between the mobile and desktop versions of Firefox. Finally, the added “Visual tab” is an attempt to implement an easy way to switch between several open browser sites.

Mozilla has long refused to deal with iOS. Indeed, the popularity of third party browsers on the iPhone and iPad low – unlike Android, Apple platform does not allow you to change the default browser and forces the developers to use a slower engine. But Mozilla eventually gave in. The need release for iOS is associated with significant loss of market positions. Anyway, Mozilla has to make concessions, and released a browser for iPhone and iPad with the main functionality.

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With the beginning of autumn, the web browser is only available for users from New Zealand, because he was at the stage of running-in and collect feedback. Now download Firefox in Russian branch App Store. Browser completely free.

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