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The state Duma adopted in the second reading a bill to ban proxies and VPN in Russia

The state Duma on Wednesday passed in the second reading the bill prohibiting funds to bypass the lock, the so-called “anonymizers”. In addition, the deputies approved the initiative on legislative regulation of messengers.

The draft Federal law is aimed at preventing the use of the territory of the Russian networks and information resources, through which is provided access to resources, access to which is restricted on the territory of the Russian Federation, stated in the draft law.

Identify information resources for the purpose of adopting measures to restrict access to them, requirements to the methods of such restrictions, and also placed information about the restriction, determined by the Roskomnadzor.

The owners of the anonymizers may not provide possibility of use in Russia owned by them information-telecommunication networks and information resources to gain access to banned in Russia sites. In the event of default by the owner of the anonymizer duties, Roskomnadzor decides on blocking access to it.

In the new edition of the document on the prohibition of bypass of lock of sites was changed the body responsible for tracking VPN services, anonymizers and proxy servers. Deputies have placed this feature on the FSB and the interior Ministry, while originally proposed to entrust this work to Roskomnadzor.

In addition, in the second reading a bill regulating the activities of messengers. As reported “Interfax”, for the second reading the document has been amended, according to which the phone number data of users of instant messengers can be transmitted to third parties only with the consent of the users.

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The document also added a provision stating that the messengers “are required to prevent the transmission of electronic messages to users of the service instant messaging”. What information cannot be distributed is not specified, but to determine this procedure will be the government.

In addition, the draft was the provision that was in Russia, the services “may carry out the identification of users of instant messengers independently by determining the subscriber number”. Thus, the owners of the service and operators are no longer obliged to conclude the contract on user identification. According to another amendment, access messenger can be restricted only by court decision.

For the adoption of the draft law on the regulation of the messengers voted 365 deputies, against — one. One MP abstained.

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