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Rumors: iPhone 7s will receive support wireless charging with a range of up to 1 meter

Apple develops a new technology wireless charging, which can be used in the company’s gadgets in the next year. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to the production partners in USA and Asia.

Feature charging, developed by Apple, is the refusal from the plate of the transmitter used by competitors , which does not allow the use of electronic gadgets at a distance of 4 cm from the charging device.

The most common worldwide standard for wireless charging Qi, used by competitors of the iPhone maker. It is suitable for inductive energy transmission to a distance of 4 cm. His equipment includes plate transmitter and compatible receiver connected to the gadget.

The Qi standard is developed and distributed founded in 2008 by a consortium of electronic device manufacturers Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), is open and brings together many manufacturers from US, EU and Asia. The aim of the consortium is the promotion of a single standard for wireless charging.

In Apple intend to overcome technical barriers preventing the induction charging on the larger than 4 cm, the distance. With increasing distance between the plate and the paired device increase energy losses, leading to cost overruns, increase the charging time and charging frequency.

The first patents describing the technology of wireless charging, Apple filed back in 2010. The company was described in the application the concept of using the iMac computers as a tool for wireless charging at a distance of 1 meter. In the document, the illustration, which depicts the smartphone, keyboard, mouse and trackpad located on the table near the desktop in a “virtual charging area”. They are charged without being connected by cable to a power source.

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