About everything interesting for the week # 7: PlayStation 5, the new iCloud and the new Disney + service

The weekend is coming to an end, which means that the time for the next collection of "About Everything". A lot of interesting things. One paragraph news Sony patented PlayStation 5 design The LetsGoDigital publication has published screenshots of the new Sony patent, which demonstrates the design of the PlayStation 5. But this may not […]


Apple will make iPhone completely waterproof

Have you heard stories about iPhones surviving at sea? Or caught in the rain? Apple gadgets are moisture resistant (although Apple doesn't advertise this). Image from It looks like it will be cooler next. Apple is going to improve the water resistance of the iPhone. This is evidenced by the company's new patent. interesting […]


Apple accused of stealing Siri

Apple got into another story. Not the most pleasant. Parus Holdings sued the corporation. What is the Californian giant accused of? Image from Parus Holdings claims that Apple has violated patent number 7076431. The latter is literally described by Siri. Namely – a system for obtaining information from websites using a voice command. Apple […]