New patents for Apple Watch: self-tightening strap and owner identification sensor

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has launched new patents on the Apple Watch.

Owner Identification Biometric Sensor

The first patent describes a biometric sensor that is built into the watch strap and identifies the user by the texture patterns on your wrist – as if by fingerprint.

Photo: Patently Apple

It will work like this: when you put on your watch, it will unlock without entering a passcode.

Strap with additional indicators

The patent indicates additional light indicators on the strap that will indicate activity. For example, you need to close the exercise ring, and this will be displayed on the LED strip.

Photo: Patently Apple

Self-locking strap

And the third (most interesting) patent relates to a self-tightening strap. Most likely, the strap will be motorized. In training mode, it drags harder, and in "quiet" mode it will be weakened.

Photo: Patently Apple

I really want to see exactly the self-tightening strap that Nike can show: sneakers with this technology sell well.


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Kostya Baranov

August 29, 2019

The question of price remains. The original straps are not very cheap anyway, and with additional functions they can go all round. We are waiting for the official announcement, which, by the way, may take place at the September presentation. Rumor has it that Apple Watch Series 5 will be presented next year, and this will show new case materials and straps.

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