Samsung is working on augmented reality lenses

An unusual Samsung patent was found in the bowels of the US Patent Office. According to him, the company is developing lenses with augmented reality.

The essence is this: the lens projects an image sent to it directly from the head unit. It can be, for example, an application on your mobile phone (a word I remembered!).

Shot from the series Black Mirror. Source: BBC

How does it work?

The head unit sends information to something like an antenna connected to a capacitor that feeds the entire lens “stuffing”. In addition to these two elements, the lens will also have a display unit and a control unit. The latter will control the information received in the lens, which can be obtained from the thin-film camera and motion sensor, also built into the lens.

All this stuffing will be “rolled up” into the hydrogel from which the lenses are made. According to the patent, all of them will be enclosed in a special encapsulating layer that combines all the functional elements of a smart lens.

The information display unit can be located both in the contact lens itself and on its surface. Thus, as Patently Mobile believes, the field of view of the lens can be much wider than that of smart glasses like Google Glass.

Earlier it became known that scientists have developed a prototype of a “smart” lens that can double the image:


Scientists have developed lenses with built-in zoom

Ilya Kichaev

July 29, 2019

It is not yet known whether Samsung will put the idea of ​​a smart lens into reality. The fact is that the initial patent application was filed already in March 2015, but it was approved only now. But it looks interesting.

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