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Amazon has overtaken Apple in the ranking of the most effective and successful companies

The network has been published the TOP 250 most effective and successful companies are built on the fundamental ideas


IPhone interface X violates patents, Qualcomm

In early December, Qualcomm has accused Apple of infringing 16 patents. One of the patents relates to mobile 2009 for Palm OS. Qualcomm believes that Apple illegally copied the Palm...


Qualcomm is trying to ban the import of iPhone

The patent battle between Apple and Qualcomm, which lasted the whole in 2017, will be continued in 2018. In a new lawsuit the producer of chipsets accuses the company from...


According to a new patent application Apple iPhone will get support for Apple Pencil

Many Apple fans would like to work with Pencil on the Apple iPhone. A new patent application confirms that the company is still working to implement this possibility. Basic principles...


Новый патент Apple описывает использование жестов для управления Mac

Today, 28 November, Apple was granted a patent for technology that allows you to use gestures to control your Mac. It is reported by Patently Apple. The creators of the...


New Apple patent describes the use of gestures to control Mac

Today, 28 November, Apple was granted a patent for technology that allows you to use gestures to control your Mac. It is reported by Patently Apple. The creators of the...


Apple has filed a patent application for a folding tablet

After the update of the patent application on flexible display for iPhone, Apple appealed to the patent and trademark office for a new patent. According to the publication Patently Apple,...


Some IT companies engaged in the development of foldable smartphones

Several manufacturers of Android smartphones, including Huawei, Oppo and Samsung Electronics, decided to develop foldable smartphones. It is reported by DigiTimes. This happened once in mid-October of 2017, the Chinese...


The cost of components iPhone X is $ 370

Engineers benchmark IHS Market in the Wake of the publication TechInsights decided to disassemble the iPhone X and independently assess the cost of components. For experiment was chosen the iPhone...


An Israeli company accused Apple of violating patents for double the camera

The company Corephotonics has filed a lawsuit against Apple for infringement of four patents used in cameras Plus iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 Plus, reports Macrumors. The patents were registered...


Apple plans to completely abandon the products Qualcomm

Edition of the Wall Street Journal reports that the new iPhone and iPad models will not chip Qualcomm. According to the resource, Apple is considering the possibility of developing new...


Why the next Google Pixel should do Xiaomi

Such solution has no cons. While Apple counts the pre-orders for the iPhone X and knows how to satisfy a huge demand, Google soothing drink and fight with a flurry...


Apple appealed the penalty for using the patented technology of the processors of the iPhone and iPad

Apple appealed the fine in the amount of 506 million dollars, which was paid to the University of Wisconsin for illegal use of the patent. This writes 9to5Mac. Apple filed...


Apple and Samsung meet again in court

At the next meeting of the representatives of the companies must agree on the amount of compensation, reports The Verge. Lawyers for Apple and Samsung need to determine the date...


Apple sued for illegal use of the word “Animoji”

Enrique Bonansea, a U.S. citizen residing in Japan, has filed a lawsuit against Apple for using the word “Animoji”. It is reported by The Recorder. Bonanza, claims that he registered...

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