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Solid state batteries will change the world of electronics in a few years

The technology used to create batteries obsolete, and fortunately for them the change will soon come a perfect solution.

Two years ago Samsung has withdrawn its flagship Galaxy Note 7 due to the fact that they blew up the batteries. Modern smartphones run on a single charge not more than a day. And after a year of service they have to replace so much they lose in volume. The reality is that currently used Li-ion batteries are very imperfect and even dangerous. Apple and the Japanese company TDK is already on the way to correcting this misunderstanding.

Recently, the American Corporation was granted a patent for a new technology to create fuel cells. But it is not even in the Apple. These solutions already have with the Japanese. Is a solid state energy storage CeraCharge. They are compact, safe, because they have no liquid electrolyte, available in production and is much more energy efficient.

These batteries have already started to test. They are the size of a grain of rice and easily fits in any device, be it watches, headsets, AR glasses or a light bulb. First tests have also shown that such batteries operate on a single charge twice as long than any other existing battery.

Of course, you can combine the tiny elements in the chain or to create larger versions for use in other devices. Including in electric cars.

When such decisions are produced in large quantities is unknown, but in TDK are now ready to supply up to 30,000 batteries per month. Perhaps after a few years, iPhone and Apple Watch will work for 5-7 days without recharging.

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